NEW tricks to make a GREAT HEALTH

NEW tricks to make a GREAT HEALTH

Salad filled with mayonnaise, sausages and meat with a lot of fat and fried potatoes soaked in oil are ingredients that are indispensable for any summer grille that respects. It is difficult in such conditions to eat diets and yet, nutritionists offer ten tips to prepare a healthier grill, according to the site.

1. Start with vegetables
Start a meal with a portion of salad or fresh vegetables, advises Elisa Zied, nutritionist in New York. Serve a plate of fresh vegetables and forget about those bathed in oil or vinegar. When you finish eating, there will be little room for meat preparations. The meat dish has to be accompanied by crumbs: tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuce leaves or red onions, and Alexis Joseph's Columbus (Ohio) counterpart. The more vegetables there will be, the less meat is left.

2. Prepare the gaskets at home
Come home from your ready-made garment, which will be appreciated by the hosts. Rochelle Sirota, a nutritionist in Manhattan, suggests preparing a salad from raw cabbage and raspberries, replacing mayonnaise with a slight dressing. For this you can use Greek yoghurt, which will bring its protein and creamy texture. And if you do not have time, buy humus, guacamole, or salsa in the store where you can soak pieces of cut vegetables.

3. Become marinade fans
Making the meat through this process will make the difference for a good barbecue. Monica Reinagel, nutritionist in Baltimore, advises to give up barbecue sauce for a lighter alternative. "Put the meat in a little Italian sauce." Read on the calorie intake package to choose the least sweet and more dietary, she says.

4. Replace the red meat with the fish
Perfect for barbecue, fish is rich in protein and famous for omega 3 fatty acids, which stimulate brain activity. "Grilled marinated salmon with a little soy sauce, sesame oil, maple syrup, fresh ginger and garlic to get an Asian flavor," recommends Alexis Joseph.

5. Use the correct spices
Tasteful or not, the flavor of a hamburger (and its calorie value) is given by choosing spices. Nutritionist Cheryl Forberg recommends the quality mustard: "One Dijon mustard spoon contains 18 calories, with no fat or added sugar, compared to 57 calories and 5 grams of lipid for one scoop of mayonnaise." Attention to ketchup: Under this banal name is hidden a large source of sugars. If you can not get rid of it, choose the option that is not sweet.

6. Preference for chopsticks
Meat is better when presented in the form of a spike, and the fryers can be prepared from any type of meat. Cheryl Forberg suggests being splashed with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, eggplant and capsicum. Very healthy are shrimp or chicken skewers that are very good with grilled vegetables, says dietetician Angela Ginn-Meadow.

7. Limit your alcohol consumption
Elisa Zied recommends alcohol and dessert with moderation. Both have a high calorie intake, without any nutritional benefit. No matter what you choose to eat, switch wine glasses with large glasses of water. If you sit out in the sun, it's good to be well hydrated.

8. Choose half of the burgers
Use bread to form the hamburger base you will cover, not with bread, but with a layer of vegetables, Angela Ginn-Meadow suggests. You can totally give up on bread by combining meat with crunchy foods and a healthy garnish. Or use whole wheat whole-wheat loaves instead of bread, says Cheryl Forberg.

9. For dessert, grilled fruit!
Put the berries on the grill when the jar crumbles and watch how it caramels. Follow Cheryl Forberg's advice and avoid over-baked fruits that risk to get too hot. Bananas, peaches, pears, nectarines and pineapple are delicious on the grill. There is nothing to add: sugar present in fruit will give this dessert a special flavor.

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