Nutritionist: Foods keep all their vitamins and minerals if you cook them that way. Plus, you reduce calories to a minimum

Nutritionist: Foods keep all their vitamins and minerals if you cook them that way. Plus, you reduce calories to a minimum

All the products that you cook in steam retain their natural odor, color, shape but also the vitamins they have when they are fresh. In addition, the number of calories is reduced considerably.

This cooking system refers to the preparation of meals without the addition of water, so that the food boils in its own juice. The addition of water can lead to loss of nutritional qualities.

"The healthiest way to prep the food is boiling, either in water or in steam, with the mention that steaming preserves a greater amount of vitamins and minerals than boiling in water," explains nutritionist Eduard Adamescu.

In the top of the healthy cooking methods, Dr. Ionuţ Ştefan, nutrition consultant also adds baking to the oven, cooking on the hot plate, a traditional Chinese way of cooking at high temperatures and which requires a short preparation time, the rotisserie or cooking through the heat coming. from the side, as is the case with the Turkish kebab.

"This way of cooking is healthier than the grill or the grill where the fats melted on the hot jar are transformed into toxic products (aromatic hydrocarbons) and return to the meat from the smoke produced," adds Dr. Ionuţ Stefan.

As for the most unhealthy methods of preparing food, it is no longer a secret to anyone that frying is the most harmful. "When the oil is fried, certain toxic compounds are released", warns Dr. Adamescu.

Attention to the quality of the vessels. Some can be toxic!

However, the method of preparation is not everything, very important is the material from which the vessel we use is made. If it is made of a poor quality material, toxic substances can enter the food. These are those made of ceramic, Teflon or heat resistant glass.

"Ceramic vessels are by far the healthiest, then the ones in the enamel, cast iron, and the least recommended are the ones in the metal", says nutrition specialist Eduard Adamescu.

And for steam cookers, we must take into account the same rule – be it ceramic, enamel or cast iron.

Cook on steam!

"As a cooking principle, steam cooking is healthy because hot air currents are created that bring in the moisture of the food, but it depends on what material the dish in which we cook is made. Poor quality ones are quickly used up, but the biggest danger is that they can poison our food by releasing toxic substances ”, explains nutrition expert Gheorghe Mencinicopschi.

There are several ways to cook food by this method:

You can use a normal pot in which you put water and a strainer that you place on top of it when the water comes to a boil so that the foods in the strainer do not touch the water. Cover everything with a lid. The hot air will thus circulate indoors, quickly cooking the food.

A simpler option is to use a special steam cooker. Of these assortments, the last invention is the electric pan. It has a pallet in the middle that mixes the food and generates a warm air that engages in steam and the food is prepared by stifling. Unlike the traditional pans, in the electric pan the hot air is purer because it does not come from the burning of methane gas. However, its price is prohibitive for many people up to 700 lei. You can cook just about anything, except the mushrooms that can dry during the preparation process.


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