Only two a day are cancer, anxiety, depression and infarction

Only two a day are cancer, anxiety, depression and infarction

Only two a day and you could eliminate many serious health problems. Because prevention is the basic one, if health is one of your priorities.

It is the food containing an important mineral. Brazil nuts come from the Bertholletia excelsa tree of the Lecythidaceae family and are found in the Amazon. In Brazil, they are known as "semilla de Brazil", which means Brazilian seed.

Brazil nuts are generally consumed crumbly. Although they are called nuts, they are, in fact, seeds. They are much larger than almonds or peanuts and resemble coconut. One can reach up to 2 pounds and can contain up to 12-20 seeds. The tree itself can grow more than 60 m and can produce 100 kg of nuts in a year.

Only two such nuts will bring us an incredible amount of vitamins and minerals daily. One contains 0.7 g of protein, 33 calories, selenium, magnesium, iron and other nutrients.

Two Brazil nuts daily help you maintain iron health.

Studies have shown that they have inflammatory properties, can prevent wrinkles as they fight against collagen loss. They are genuine antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effects.

Selenium contained in two Brazil nuts provides over 60% of the daily selenium requirement. Brazil nuts are superior to selenium dietary supplements.

Christine Thomson and a group of collaborators from New Zealand's Otago University monitored 59 people for 12 weeks in terms of blood levels of selenium. The 59 people were divided into three groups. The first group consumes two Brazil nuts a day, equivalent to 53 micrograms of selenium. The participants in the second group were given 100 micrograms of selenomethionine, the most common form of selenium in the composition of dietary supplements. And volunteers in the third group received a placebo treatment.

New Zealand researchers finally compared the selenium level with all of the 59 volunteers included in the study. The result: an increased level of selenium in the blood of 64.2% for subjects in the first group, namely where Brazil nuts were consumed; with 61% more selenium in the group receiving selenomethionine and an increase of only 7.6% in the placebo group. Thus, researchers at Otago University have come to the conclusion that the bioavailability of selenium in Brazil nuts is superior to that offered by dietary supplements such as selenomethionine.

Insert Brazil nuts into your current diet and no longer need to use supplements, says Christine Thomson. This study, published in the February 2008 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, could have a positive influence on Europeans who have low levels of selenium in the blood. Thus, while specialists' recommendations are about 65 micrograms of selenium daily, in many European countries, even among the most developed, the contribution is much lower. Stressed people, pregnant women, chronically ill patients need a steady supply of selenium. Selenium is a trace element that the body does not have the ability to synthesize. That is why we are obliged to provide the necessary selenium from the diet.

Selenium contributes to reducing the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease. "Proteins, essential amino acids are bringing Brazil nuts or fish nuts, which is why their consumption is welcome in fasting or non-eating people. A further detail needs to be retained. Brazil nuts – like all kinds of nuts, nuts, etc. have a calorific value. Thus, 100 grams of Brazil nuts provide 680 calories, which is why they are highly indicated for people who make significant physical effort.

Brazil nuts grow throughout South America in trees with a life span of up to 1000 years! In Brazil their cutting is illegal, although the fruit, very hard and rigid, can pose a danger to those who pass under the tree.

Because they are an excellent source of protein, Brazil nuts and minerals are ideal for vegetarians and vegans. They have an intense and pleasant taste that makes them ideal for snacks. They can be eaten in blends with other nuts, dehydrated seeds or fruits, or can be crushed to add them to cakes, especially in brownies, because they fit nicely with chocolate.

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