Pentecost. Why is this celebration so important

Pentecost. Why is this celebration so important

Pentecost is a feast with roots before Christ. Many people do not know what is celebrating Pentecost, why is it so important a feast.

In fact, Pentecost means also the Descent of the Holy Spirit. For, it is not, the holy spirit is mentioned with God the Father and God the Son.

The Holy Spirit or the Holy Spirit that has sprung up, signifying the sacred bond between God and Divinity.

In the Old Testament, Pentecostals are, at first, an agricultural joyful feast of the Jews, in which there is a spring of the fruits of the earth, also called the "Feast of the Weeks." Later, it is an anniversary of the Covenant, which was concluded 50 days after leaving Egypt.

Pentecost, also known as the Descent / Descent of the Holy Spirit / Holy Spirit, is now an important Christian feast, always celebrated on Sunday, 50 days after Easter.

The Pentecost commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus of Nazareth. According to the New Testament writings (Acts 2, 1-11), this event took place in the day of the Jewish rulers (Shavuot), 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. This is why the Christian feast still bears the name of Pentecost, according to wikipedia.

Through the Descent of the Holy Spirit, the Apostles were entrusted with the power to speak tongues they did not know until then. They have succeeded in discovering both the teaching of the Savior and other nations in many languages. The beginning was on this very day of Pentecost, when all the Jews in Jerusalem and the whole East understood the message they wore. Pilgrims who failed to explain how the Apostles manage to speak in several languages ​​accuse them of being "full of must," namely drunkards. Then Saint Peter took the floor to appear to the Apostles, but also to preach the miracles our Savior did.

It is customary to speak of the sending of the Holy Spirit into the world, of an act by which the Spirit would take the place of Christ's work. In this case, the Church would be only the work of the Holy Spirit. In reality, however, the Spirit must always be seen that the Spirit of Christ, therefore, must not be seen or conceived as separated from Christ.

Since 2008, the first and second day of Pentecost have been declared free days. In 2019, Pentecost is celebrated on June 16 and 17.

By the Pentecost (the Descent of the Holy Spirit), the Divine Liturgy is held in the churches in Romania, and the believers receive blessed branches of walnut or lime.

They symbolize the tongues of fire that have descended upon the disciples. After the job, the Pentecostal Vespers are celebrated. There are seven prayers that ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit. In the first week after Pentecost, Wednesdays and Fridays are days of maps, that is to say, sweetheart.

It is said that those who do not respect the Pentecostal traditions will have to deal with the Ile. Christians returning from the blessing with the sanctified branches adorn the houses and icons with them to cast out evil spirits. In some areas, lemons, garlic and wormwood are used next to these branches.

Most likely, the Romanian word Pentecost derives from the Slavic word "rusalka", the Russians being spirits of nymphs, flames, water demons that were celebrated to be improved in the first week of June. This pagan, pre-Christian tradition was also passed on to the Romans, who called rusalka "dragaica" (dracoica, demon). This week, washing and bathing was forbidden, and generally, it was forbidden for a person to approach the water.

In Oltenia, Căluşarii dance on the second day of Pentecost. They walk from house to house and stroll to drive away evil spirits, and people meet them with leaves of walnut, wormwood, garlic, water and salt.

In Transylvania there is a procession on the village streets. A bull with floral ornaments is adorned, the priest sanctifies him in front of the church, then he is released and a girl has to master it and bypass a table three times. According to tradition, that girl is about to get married after a year. Also in this region, women are sprinkled with water to be healthy and beautiful.

As for the superstitions related to Pentecost, the ghouls, who are evil spirits, gather at night in the moonlight and dance naked in white, slightly transparent, white vests. They take revenge on the people who see them dancing, offending or stirring them.

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