People most prone to stress and depression! Apparently, they are the happiest, but …

People most prone to stress and depression! Apparently, they are the happiest, but ...

Scientists have found something very interesting about a category of people who are apparently happy and satisfied, overly concerned about their outward appearance.

We refer to narcissists, the category of people with the highest level of self-esteem, at least theoretically.

Although the company considers the narcissists to be of too much importance, scientists have found that these people actually gain a significant advantage from this personality trait, because they benefit from mental strength, are less stressed and less vulnerable to the risk of depression compared to other people, informs Press Association.

Narcissistic personality disorder characterizes the person who believes that there are certain special reasons that make her different, better or more meritorious than other people.

Narcissists can be upset if people don't recognize their apparent achievements, hate other people's success, and get upset if those around them put their own needs ahead of their needs. But narcissists may also have low self-esteem and may be described in certain situations as vulnerable people.

The new study, coordinated by researchers at Queen's University in Belfast, has been published in the journals Personality and Individual Differences and European Psychiatry.

"Narcissism is part of the 'dark tetra' of human personality, along with machiavelism, psychopathy and sadism," said Kostas Papageorgiou, a professor at the Faculty of Psychology at Queen's University in Belfast.

"There are two main dimensions of narcissism – greatness and vulnerability," he added.

"Vulnerable narcissists are inclined to be more defensive and observe the behavior of others around them with hostility, while narcissists who suffer from the anger of the great often have an exaggerated sense of their own importance and are concerned about status and power," the same researcher explained. "Individuals in the spectrum of dark traits, as is the case with narcissism, adopt risky behaviors, have unrealistic views about their superiority, are overconfident in themselves, have little empathy for others and rarely have feelings of shame or guilt."

Three studies associated with this research were conducted on a total sample of over 700 people, writes Agerpres.

The authors found that grandfathered narcissism enhances mental strength, which drives away the symptoms of depression.

People with high scores on grandfather-based narcissism tests have low levels of stress and are less likely to view their lives as stressful.


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