Plants that many keep in the house, but they are extremely dangerous! What are energetic vampires and what we replace them with

Apparently innocent plants can become the number one enemy in a house. An energy vampire is a source that steals your energy, and this source can be human or even from a plant.

There are a few totally uncommon plants to keep in the house. Otherwise, you will feel powerless or lacking in life.

Here are the plants you need to protect yourself and what plants you should have in your home, according to Mihail Platonov, the author of the book “Vampires and House Donors. Secrets of Energy Protection “.

Energy vampire plants

The orchid is particularly dangerous for the home where undead people live with a poor will. For them, the orchid functions as a pump, absorbing their energy. The most acute vampirism of the orchid occurs early in the morning and during the night.

Feriga is a powerful energy vampire. In order to develop normally, it needs a lot of energy. So, you can sit on TV to absorb that negative energy and not ours.

Even though it is a powerful air purifier, it is not appropriate to have it in our homes (in the antiquity it was called the tree of death).

Tuia, in turn, is a vampire plant. Placed in the room where you spend more time can put your life at risk.

Dried flowers are also vampires, but to a lesser extent, compared to wolves.

In general, dead matter always attracts unclean forces.

It is important to remember that plants should not be placed in bedrooms because they absorb oxygen and carbon dioxide during the night.

In addition, at night the plants release the negative energy: their energy cycle is programmed on the daily absorption of negative information and nocturnal purification by eliminating negative energy.

Of course, not all vampire plants fall into the category of those to be kept away from home. Certain plants, like ferns, help some, and others can hurt them. Everything depends on each person’s energy system.

Plants that give energy

Bleached with red or white flowers, leaves slightly creased. Bite possesses a very strong positive energy. It is enough to sit next to a bite for 10-15 minutes and feel rest, with restored forces.

Ficus is a plant beneficial to humans. It is due to the pleasant atmosphere and well-being of the house. Irritation and anger disappear due to the presence of ficus. On the irritable people, it has a calming effect, acts gently, barely perceptible, calms the access to aggressiveness. It is important to be seated in a place where it does not receive direct sunlight.

Cactus helps us to complete our energy and at the same time can remove the negative energy. It can be placed in front of the computer monitor, taking up some of the negative energy.

The cuckoo’s bun is ideal for balancing energy, neutralizing conflicts, and so it’s good to be located at the windows of rooms where frequent negative emotions occur.

Violets – does not support inferior energies in the house, exaggerated passions, scandals. They do not even bear the familiar attitude towards them, so there is no point in comforting their soft leaves because they get angry and get sick. Violets can balance our emotional states, but they are sad. They are a purifier of space.

Cyclama makes order in the energy of the home. Particularly useful in homes where people with weak will live. The energy of these houses is unstable, depending on the mood of their inhabitants, the people coming to visit, etc. Cyclama unifies disparate fragments, trying to create a unitary space.

Azalea keeps energy in the house of good mood, neutralizing all selfish energies. Individuals who need to supplement their energy from outside must necessarily have azaleas because they are able to “feed” people with special, creative energy.

Rosemary removes fatigue, fear, anxiety, panic, and asthenia. Rosemary is highly suited to the elderly and pregnant women. Improves toxicology and irritability.

Bonsai trees are miniature shrubs, forcibly raised under man-made conditions, in special pots. A bonsai is beneficial in the homes dominated by the spirit of materialism because it has the capacity to divert thoughts from the material world to the spiritual world. Bonsai helps people to perceive the world, make them more sensitive, develops their intuition, helps them to change, to change their conception of the world, and this is sometimes the main path to the healing of body and spirit.

Particularly useful for adjusting the energy of the house are bonsai trees with a round crown shape.

Vampire-donor plants

Begonias are vampire plants, but useful, especially for homes where many people come. Begonia absorbs all the energy like a vacuum cleaner, and after a while gives the house only the positive energy.

Caring for roses, people transfer their energy surplus to them, and that’s why all those who consider themselves to be donors can cultivate roses without care. People who are not enough their own energy are contraindicated to roses because they cause them anxiety and irritability. The roses do not “support” the cats, but they get along well with the dogs.

Natural cut flowers are donors until they begin to die. From this moment on, they become vampires and with a diabolic force begin to absorb the energy of the house, so never keep too many flowers in a vase.

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