Podiatry, the medical specialty that treats foot disorders, including diabetic foot

Podiatry, the medical specialty that treats foot disorders, including diabetic foot

October 8th marks the International Day of Podiatry, one of the most important events dedicated to foot health and which aims to draw the attention of the general public to the podiatry.

This year, International Podiatry Day focuses on the impact and dangers of foot and ankle disorders as part of a global campaign, involving individuals, healthcare professionals and organizations around the world.

Podiatry is that profession of medical sciences dedicated to the research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of deformities, pathology and injuries of the leg and related structures – in relation to the whole body, as well as to the manifestations of systemic diseases – with the help of all the appropriate systems and technologies, using knowledge scientific and specialized professionals.1

Despite the variability of educational programs in different countries and the difference between official requirements and qualifications that allow the exercise of the profession of podiatrist, podiatrists have specific medical knowledge and skills, which have direct positive effects on public health. Many research studies, for example in the field of diabetic foot, have shown that well-trained podiatrists have a positive impact on the health of patients, but also have a significant economic impact on government budgets.

By marking International Podiatry Day, it is desired to celebrate the profession of podiatrist, but also to bring public attention to the negative effects of the absence or unrecognized presence of podiatrists in the health system.

For International Podiatry Day 2019, the International Podiatrists Federation calls for the establishment or strengthening, at a high level, of training in the field of podiatry and calls for more countries to recognize the value of podiatry in health systems..

The 2018 edition of International Podiatry Day was a great success and was well received by podiatrists around the world. They, together with other health professionals, draw attention to the need for better foot health and the need to integrate podiatry into the health system. "There is a great need for additional knowledge about the profession of podiatrist. Our mission is to disseminate podiatry information to other health professions and to governments so that all patients can benefit from foot care to the highest standards, "said Christian Jérôme, president of the International Podiatrists Federation, in a press release.

Podiatry in Romania

In Romania, the first steps related to podiatry were made from April 2015, the year when the Podiatry Association was established, and the specialists in the field draw attention to the important role of the podiatrist in the multidisciplinary team that cares for people with diabetic foot as well as others. affections of the lower limbs. According to data provided by the International Diabetes Federation, up to 8 out of 10 amputations can be prevented by the presence of the podiatrist in the multidisciplinary team that cares for people with diabetes2.

The president of the Podiatry Association, conf. Dr. Ioan Andrei Vereșiu, also underlines the importance of the podiatrist in the care team of the person with diabetes, but also for other categories of patients with health problems in the legs. "The Podiatry Association aligns itself with the direction drawn up by the International Federation of Podiatrists and puts Romania on the map of the countries where the International Podiatry Day is marked on October 8th. In Romania, with the support of our partners from all corners of the world, with the involvement of reputed podiatrists from international level – true leaders of opinion in health – there is talk and awareness of the importance of the existence of the podiatrist has begun ”, declared the associate professor Ioan Andrei Vereșiu.

In December 2018, the steps taken by the Podiatry Association for the official recognition of the podiatry profession received a favorable opinion from the Ministry of Labor and Social Justice. The podium occupation has the code 226926 "Health specialists not classified in the previous basic groups" and is introduced in the Classification of occupations in Romania (COR).

The project – International Podiatry Day – it will be the second global campaign of this magnitude, after the one in 2018, a campaign that will be carried out mainly at digital level, through infographics, press releases and videos published on social platforms.

About the Podiatry Association

Founded in 2015, the Podiatry Association aims to promote podiatry in Romania, to develop the profession of podiatry, together with informing and educating the population, as well as professionals (doctors, nurses and physiotherapists) in the field of proper foot care.

More details about the Podiatry Association at: www.podiatrie.ro

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