Prof. Dr. Alexandru Blidaru: "Do not expect to bring your illness to a doctor!" Usual analyzes can save your life

Prof. Dr. Alexandru Blidaru: "Do not expect to bring your illness to a doctor!" Usual analyzes can save your life

Year-on-year, more and more cases of breast cancer are detected in Romania, and many patients miss the disease due to digestion in very advanced stages and poor quality

Annual mammary ultrasound, from the age of 20 years and mammography, after 40-45 years, are mandatory for the detection of an early stage breast cancer when the disease is healing.

"Breast cancer is one of the conditions we can detect before giving any sign or symptom. Which is an extraordinary thing. It is one of the diseases for which screening is worth, that is, it deserves active detection, it is worth investigating patients over 40-45 years. In principle, any woman older than 45 years of age, regardless of other risk factors, should undergo an annual examination consisting of a mammogram and a mammogram. Depending on the changes found, the breast changes, the risk factors, the patient's characteristics, it is possible to decide the rhythm of these investigations. In principle, a mammogram between one and two years, for the general population, and if it is a non-naive person, and the breasts are more dense, an ultrasound in this interval is extremely useful. From time to time, if necessary, a mammalian MRI exam, "Dr. Alexandru Blidaru, President of the Romanian Society of Breast Surgery and Oncology, explained to

According to Professor Blidaru, mammography screening can reduce breast cancer mortality because the disease can be diagnosed early and treated more easily, with much better results.

"There is no known way to effectively prevent breast cancer, but it is clear that early diagnosis is a safe way to reduce mortality. The more the disease is detected at a less advanced stage, the more effective the treatment is, the less mutilative, and the less costly the effort is. This improves not only the survival rate but also the quality of survival. No matter how difficult it is, unfortunately, you have to go to a doctor, you need to do a mammogram once a year, a mammogram at 12-18 months after 40-45 years, a abdominal ultrasound, and a Babe-Papanicolau cytological exam yearly. These routine investigations are life-saving things, "said Prof. Blidaru.

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