Prof. Dr. Constantin Dulcan, recent discoveries about CREIER: What to do to stay as young as possible

Prof. Dr. Constantin Dulcan, recent discoveries about CREIER: What to do to stay as young as possible

The brain shapes according to what we think, feel and do. It is the least rigid structure of our body. It is permanently restored anatomically and functionally.

Prof. Dr. Constantin Dulcan, neurologist and author of books on philosophy and metaphysics, explained at a conference what happiness is, what are the reasons why we get sick, what behavior we need to have to enjoy it healthy living, how can we live in a better country.

1. The first step: to understand what is happening in our brains
Our brain, seen microscopically, looks like a starry sky. We know today that neurons also have the ability to recover. Part of them, not all.

Everything that we think and everything that happens to us has a representation in different areas of the brain.

We now have the means to be able to follow what happens in a brain and when we act, and when we think.

We know very recently that there is a permanent dialogue between the brain and the periphery. So, there is a permanent dialogue between the brain area that represents the hand or the leg and the limbs itself. When a segment is lost accidentally, the area is either atrophied, or simply migrates to another area and doubles it as a function. This is extremely important.

Brain connections in Alzheimer's disease are broken, and then the man who has to talk is no longer coherent with things. He can not get an idea anymore. For example, if I saw an image, my brain must carry it from the frontal area to the occipital lobe. If the connections between these brain areas are altered, this transfer can not be made.

"What did you see yesterday at the show?" Or "what did you see yesterday in town?". And the answer is, "I do not know." Why does not man know? Because simply the connections in the brain are interrupted.

Blind teaches Braille because the parietal lobe, which perceives sensitivity, is doubled as functionality. The occipital lobe → Parietal lobe (Braille). The prefontal lobe has increased functionality when the blind man hears the sounds.

Those who do not have the gesture language: The Temporal Lobue → Occipital Lobulobus – doubles vision as a function.

Through new training we can form, use, our functionality.

2. Step Two: Adding new neural networks
Piano singing favors the development of the brain area responsible for finger coordination. Some people were told to mimic the clamping of the clap after a score without the actual push of the keyboard and it was seen that the fingers in the brain were again augmented, favored by the imitation of the gesture. But when they were put on imitation without anything, nothing happened. The brain simply could not be lied. How important is this?

Let's learn what we can do with us. Here's what we can do with us! For example, it is known that violins have the part that works on strings much more developed than the other.

We begin to imagine one thing, to see it with the mind in its reality, and our brain trains and takes over this function as if it were real. Our reactions to imagination are close to real ones.

From Richard Davidson's studies, we find that thoughts, words, ideas, concepts, emotions, feelings, according to their meaning, and they have projections in the brain. And each one, if new, creates a new network in the brain.

So if we train, if we read, learn a new language or learn new notions, add new neural networks and then we can say the following:

There are extremely new things. He simply adds new neurons according to the training we have. And this is one of the conditions by which we can stay as young as possible. It is a theme present in my conferences, namely how to stay as young as possible and get old aging.


Step 3: Positive feelings produce good state hormones
Depending on their significance, thoughts, words, emotions, feelings are processed in different areas of the brain. If you tell a man – I love you – then the left front lobe takes the information more than the straight front lobe.

If you do, you tell him – I hate you – this information is sent by two, four times slower to the right frontal lobe and not to the left, as if the brain simply deny this stigma. That is true of all the feelings we can have.

Positive thinking means love, compassion, empathy, faith, calm, forgiveness, optimism.

Love, we know that it is one of the prerogatives, if you will, the essential commandment of Jesus. But perhaps we are too modern to say we love our fellows. Let's just say: we accept our fellows.

Jesus brings two things that none of the world's teachers brought them, for this reason for me he is by far the greatest teacher of the world, because he is the only one who brings the commandment of love and forgiveness. Love is forgiveness. Torture means war, conflict, death.

If, for example, you want to heal your illness, you do nothing without optimism. That's why it's so important.


The oxytocin molecule interferes in the relationship between mother and son, because as soon as the baby is born, the oxytocin secretion becomes prevalent, and the intensity of love for the newborn is very high.

Oxytocin is also present in a couple of lovers, in a friendship.

In the understanding of our peers, in peace and quiet, oxytocin is the neuro-hormone that mediates these things at the level of synapses, a very impressive thing.

Positive thinking determines the strengthening of the immune system, favors neurogenesis, increases vital energy, increases longevity and brings a beautiful and healthy tegument.


All the dictatorial governments in the world control their people through fear. What reason do you think they have all these unfortunate news that propagate all the time? The light is dipped, the winter will be cold, the wind will blow. Who teaches them to present such news, where do these orders come from? Most people get sick because of stress.

Negative thinking is hatred, envy, greed, anger, malice, doubt, pessimism, depression, fear, anger, anger. These are other d.p.d.v. biochemical, namely stress hormones adrenaline, nonadrenaline and cortisol. When testosterone is added there is already violence. They are in a normal amount, but in stressful state their secretion is excessive. Cortisol maintains hypertension and tachycardia.

4. Be careful about raising your children!
At first we established that we are energy fields. These energy fields, in fact, condense into our physical structure. If I quarreled with someone, I remain concerned with this for a while. Even if I forget him, I have a negative field that I created and infiltrates all my cells. This is the consequence of thinking differently than normal.

The field of spoken and unspoken words we always carry with us and works on us – pro or against us.

Today's epigenetics states that genes are not entirely our destiny.

It is said that we have 5% of genes that support genetics, our structure, and that 95% would be just waste. Not. In our body nothing is useless.

Genes change according to diet, stress, emotions, thinking, behavior, beliefs or beliefs. All of this can change the genes, and the changes can be passed on to the offspring.

There is a gene of violence that some people inherit. Oxitocin is the neuro-hormone that opposes the gene of violence.

The following experiment was carried out: A mouse of a mouse carrying the violence gene is given to a mother of mice who cared for it with a protective attitude. Becoming an adult, the pathogenic gene of violence has not been expressed. A normal mouse was taken and given to a mother who did not want, did not care, hostile. As an adult became violent, he expressed the gene of violence.

A child who is not loved by parents as he develops, seeing the hostility of his parents will believe that the whole world is like those who gave him a birth, a hostile world, a bad world. And when he reaches adult, then he takes revenge on this world. This is the criminal potential. So it is extremely important to grow a child.

5. Nutrition: to stay after each meal with a slight hunger
There are 52 genes that make up an orchestra. Every gene in this orchestra has its score, and when it works well, it's like a symphony sung harmonically, or vice versa.

We are favored genes if our diet is hypocaloric. It means not to inflate with meat and everything, but to stay after every meal with a slight feeling of hunger. When eating until saturation all fat cells are absorbed immediately and deposited on the abdomen.

Give yourself at least 30 minutes of movement per day. Movement is important for the brain, the body, the heart, even for the diseases we have.

Genes are disadvantaged (ie life shortened) by hypercaloric diet, pollution, free radicals, nutrition with additives, alcohol and smoking, depression and fear.

When to reprogram our brain? In the states of relaxation and before falling asleep. At night, thought materializes.

What to do? The following things I would like to note:

1. Relaxation time, mid-day
We consume energy through the process of activity, whether it's people who go to work or housewives who sometimes work more than their spouses at work. This energy we consume through the work process, if we do not rebuild it in the middle of the day, then we consume energy from our own structures. It is extremely important to rebuild at least this energy in the middle of the day. It's hard to teach everyone to relax, but the simple fact that you can sit for half an hour, either in an armchair as comfortable as possible, or lying on your back, trying not to think of anything but to empty your mind. If you do that, day by day, you will see that you can breathe another rhythm, which is a natural one imposed by your own body. The natural rhythm is other than the 2/4 that we read in the books. Each of us has a different respiratory capacity. You will see that deep breathing is a breath that loads you with energy. This is extremely important for our health. This seemingly trivial break breaks the brain enormously.

2. Wise choice of words
Remember, all the words you have in mind program us. If we always say we get older, then we get really old. Because we give the brain this program. There are words that we have to remove from the dictionary: aging, doubt the word "no", all of these programs are negative.

3. Exercise of imagination
If you want to keep as young as possible, make a picture that matches your age and try to keep it in mind.

4. Right posture and breathing
Do not go humpback. All you need to do is pull your shoulders back. If you go hump the chest box is choked. Thus, the amount of oxygen entering the lungs will be diminished.


So, our thoughts, feelings, our words become our own being. Depending on their meaning, good or bad, it is in our benefit or in our loss. If, for some time now, all these things were known as a simple social convention, we now know that this law of controlling a certain kind of behavior, generous, altruistic, calm, quiet, is inscribed in our own structure. So if you do not have the desire to respect the other, at least for the sake of respecting you, your own health, to respect this law.

There is consequently a way for each of us to save our lives through this knowledge, and the fact that there are so many young people present here and that you have so intensely asked to speak, I find it to be a very good auspicious, and that makes me tell you that you are wonderful people, that I love you and I wish you every success. "

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