Psychologist: What impact will Sorina's sudden rupture of the growing environment

Psychologist: What impact will Sorina's sudden rupture of the growing environment

The case of Sorina. Delia Bebi, a mental health specialist, has talked about psychological trauma, how we recognize it, and how it affects it throughout the life of man.

After the Sorina case was reported, the child took violently and aggressively from the home where he was later adopted by a family in the United States, various controversies and accusations arose, either to the state institutions or to his new family. What has not been detailed yet, and perhaps perhaps more important than the momentum, is the impact this Sorina's sudden rupture will have on the environment in which it grew. Separation of Sorina is psychologically significant emotional trauma, which can only be treated with the help of a specialist.

The case of Sorina. What is psychological trauma and how do we recognize it?

Psychological trauma is created by extremely stressful external events, and these may be unique or repeat over time over the same person, which creates an even more serious impact. Traumatic events are a major threat to the emotional state of the traumatized person and he feels overwhelmed, without power, without control over what is happening to him. The more frightened, the more powerless and the helpless, the more the trauma will affect the whole of his life unless he is helped by a specialist.

Unlike a physical trauma, the emotional one is invisible because at first sight it seems that a child is not affected, but if we look long-term we will see that it will become more and more depressed and anxious. Some examples of traumatic events include:

  • Unique events: accident, strong injury, violent attack, aggression in childhood, which the child could not defend
  • Continuous stressful events: living in a family environment with abusive parents, incurable illness, domestic violence, child neglect by the family
  • Other types of causes: near-death, loss of a meaningful relationship, humiliation experiences in public, etc.

Childhood trauma predicts the difficulties of adulthood

Though traumatic events can happen to anyone, they will have an even greater impact on the human psyche, especially if they have happened in their childhood and especially if they were repetitive. Everything that threatens the safety, vulnerability and familiarity of a child can be termed "trauma", for example:

  • An insecure family environment
  • Separation of parents
  • Emotional or physical abuse
  • Criticism and permanent offenses suffered by the child

When childhood trauma is not healed with outside help, the adult will suffer from low self-esteem, depression, anxiety of various kinds (permanent fears), fear of relationships, self-subsistence, emotional instability and behavioral disturbances.

The case of Sorina. Signs and symptoms of trauma

These vary from person to person and depend on several factors, but in general, in most cases they can take various forms, from shock, panic and confusion, to social isolation, self-blaming, insomnia, exhaustion, concentration difficulties , diffuse pain in the body, decreased immunity.

Prevention and healing

As with Sorina, we often can not prevent the separation trauma because it depends on many factors that are not always in our control. What could have been done for this abused child who actually suffered two abandonment situations (first, leaving the biological parents and the second, the adoption situation) would have been a gradual and balanced separation . It would have been necessary for Sorina to undergo psychological therapy at least two or three months before and be mentally prepared before adoption, to explain her situation in terms readily understandable to her. Moreover, it would have been important to have a psychologist's support and adoption, and to monitor how Sorina adapted to her new family. The adoptive family should also be counseled to make this transition from the original family as easy as possible and to know how to relate to the child.

Such a situation has consequences that will affect the child for a long time now and that is why it would have been very important to treat it differently. Images of responsible accountability and others in uniforms, with aggressive masks pulling the child in shock, are not easy to forget and even affect those who have seen behind the televisions.

The case of Sorina has received much social attention because it involves a strong emotional content and is actually the story of a life drama. But there are so many unknown cases of abused children that if we found out we would be more than frightened. Therefore, it is good to realize that if we were more involved, if we were all aware of the long-term impact of trauma and the importance of psychological and family help, we lived in a more harmonious world, and calm.

Delia Bebi is a psychologist and psychotherapist with specializations in child, adult and family therapy


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