Recommended by nutritionists, replacing meat. In antiquity it was used as a medicine!

Chickpea, the nutritional food recommended by nutritionists has been used since antiquity and successfully replaces meat. The chickpeas improve digestion and clean the blood vessels from bad cholesterol.

Rich in minerals, the chickpea has an important role in eliminating preservatives in the body, contains 24% protein, mineral salts, vitamin E and vitamin B complex.

With a consistent percentage of carbohydrates (67.8%) and fats, chickpea has great food value, replacing meat, making it ideal if you want to quit or eat less.

150 grams provide 80% of manganese, 70% of folic acid, 50% of fiber, 40% of tryptophan, 30% of protein. Copper, phosphorus, calcium, and iron are other things the chickpea gives us.

Iron from the chamois gives us energy, and the content of tryptophan contributes to insomnia therapy.

The chickpea diet normalizes intestinal transit, protects against heart disease, regulates sleep and prevents various forms of cancer.

A chickpea cure is also indicated for those who suffer from diabetes because the glycemic index is very low, which involves easy digestion of carbohydrates and ensures a slower and slower increase in blood sugar, helping to energize the body more efficiently and controlling appetite. Thus, chickpea prevents too rapid a rise in blood sugar immediately after the meal, being useful to hypoglycaemic patients.

The chickpea is also a diuretic, urinary antiseptic, vermifuge, being recommended in oliguria, urinary lithiasis, slow digestion, congestive liver conditions, asthenia, activities requiring physical exercise.

Frying and chopping have a strong effect on the digestive system and the nervous system. The drink made from this powder can substitute for coffee and can be eaten by children as well because it increases their appetite.

The best known culinary preparations on the basis of chickpeas are Arabic: couscous (whole grains), hummus (puree), falafel (fried chicken breast).

In different corners of the world, chickpea is used for bakery products.

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