Regenerate the whole immune system in just 72 hours! Restarts even the weakened body of disease

Regenerate the whole immune system in just 72 hours! Restarts even the weakened body of disease

The immune system is our shield, the most precious aspect of our health. It's the armor that prevents the disease from getting closer.

There are many ways to strengthen the immune system, but one of the most at hand has been discovered by scientists at the University of Southern California.

Well, nothing complicated, just a prolonged meal break. Here's how post can help keep your disease at a distance.

According to researchers, two days of black posture are able to regenerate the entire immune system and help the body fight infections.

Researchers are of the opinion that this method can greatly help them especially on oncological and elderly patients.

If we are good to think, this method is recommended for millennia, and our grandparents have a word: who does not keep his post in his youth will keep his old age. Initiates of all religions fast when they want to purify themselves. So the discovery of American scholars comes just as a complement to the wisdom of the great initiates.

Researchers checked the effects of two-day black posture within six months in both humans and laboratory mice.

In both cases, prolonged periods of non-alimentation resulted in a significant decrease in white cells.

In mice, after each black posture period, a rapid regeneration of white cells occurs, which means a renewal of the immune system.

Valter Longo, a gerontologist and professor of science at the University of Southern California, said: "The stool gives green stem cells to multiply and rebuild the entire immune system.

The better news is that the body can get rid of defective, old, ineffective components during fasting. If you do this after the immune system is seriously affected by aging or chemotherapy, intermittent periods can actually generate a new immune system, "Professor Longo added.

Study data indicate during post-intermittent intermittent periods and the marked decrease in IGF-1 hormones related to aging, tumor progression and cancer risk.

In addition, a clinic tested the effects of the 72-hour fast in patients undergoing chemotherapy and found they were much more protected from the toxicity of the treatment.

"Chemotherapy saves lives, but it comes with serious immune system shakes, and the study shows that the effects of chemotherapy can be tolerated more easily by intermittent oncologists," says Tanya Dorff, a professor at Californian University of the USC.

Researchers say that further studies are needed and that the decision of an intermittent post should be taken only at the advice of the attending physician, in whose observation you are.

For healthy people, the intermittent post has become an increasingly popular lifestyle with proven beneficial effects.

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