Rehydration salts help you in some acute conditions

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Rehydration salts help you in some acute conditions

Especially in the summer, you or the little one can have different digestive problems. Most of the time, enterocolites feel their presence in this season. In other words, when you are experiencing vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, they can help you get on your feet. That's why you'd better get them on vacation.

But, however beneficial, do not take them without a doctor or pharmacist's recommendation.

Oral rehydration salts are in fact dietary supplements that compensate for the loss of body fluids and electrolytes as a result of digestive disorders. Careful! Not everyone can benefit from it. For example, patients who have been diagnosed with intestinal obstruction should not use them. Other patients with chronic conditions who take daily treatment also have a restraint. That's why, before going on vacation, go to a doctor, talk to him and take with you everything you need as a medication. In this way, you will prevent the illness and you will be able to enjoy the free, summer days.

Furthermore, the World Health Organization recommends the administration of oral rehydration salts for the prevention and treatment of dehydration caused by diarrhea. Whether it is viral diarrhea or bacterial.

But treatment with these should be determined by the physician. Consider the age of the patient, other conditions he or she has, the degree of dehydration. Specialists claim that rehydration salts contain a mixture of sodium, glucose, potassium and many other minerals necessary for the body to function properly. It is very important that they are taken from the first symptoms of the disease. Especially because diarrhea in the little baby is quite dangerous. In addition, on heat, dehydration is a real danger to young people but also to patients with chronic conditions.

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