Revolutionary therapy that can eliminate prostate cancer tumors

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Revolutionary therapy that can eliminate prostate cancer tumors

Huge news for prostate cancer patients! The ultrasound procedure has appeared which can eliminate the tumors localized to the prostate in a significant percentage.

The technique uses a pulsed ultrasound device to attack prostate tumors. Scientists tested new technology on 115 men diagnosed with prostate cancer. The results were amazing: after one year, 65% of patients had been cured, according to the Daily Mail.

This may be the news of the year in medicine! The study suggests that sound waves eliminate tumors in almost two thirds of patients.

The TULSA technique uses precise ultrasound pulses, and a single session lasts less than an hour. In this way, patients no longer have to resort to surgery. TULSA works using a rod-shaped device, which is inserted into the urethra, where it sends sound waves to cancer cells.

"Unlike other ultrasound systems on the market, you can monitor the ultrasound ablation process in real time and get immediate feedback on its effectiveness. It's an outpatient procedure with minimal recovery time, ”says Professor Steven Raman, who led the research.

So far, the technology has been used only in patients undergoing tests by researchers at the University of California (Los Angeles), but the method is expected to reach the global market as quickly as possible.


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