Romanian nutritionist: "Food kills more people than alcohol and smoking in one place"

A well-known Romanian nutritionist has revealed what the eating rules do not deviate from. "I've been eating for 30 years ..."

Professor Hâncu is not a nutritionist with extreme visions, he does not forbid you to eat certain foods, but he recommends dietary balance and a lot of movement, elements that help prevent diseases that cause havoc and kill millions of people: diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer . "It is forbidden to prohibit, there must be a balance in everything, and this is learned along the way," says Professor Hâncu. As for prevention, the specialist from Cluj states that it is "the best form of treatment".

14 million deaths annually due to food

Professor Nicolae Hâncu stresses that nutrition and sleep are two key elements for our health. And when you find out that nutrition kills 14 million people every year, you seriously think about how healthy the food you eat every day is healthy. “Food is responsible for 14 million deaths worldwide, annually. Alcohol and smoking together make 12 million dead, ”says the specialist.

For people to be healthier they need to be mentally minded for changing their lifestyle, which are very difficult. “Changing the diet of a people is an extremely difficult thing. We, the scientific, educational forums, have organized ourselves to make population nutrition education. When you do such an education you tell the man and how to move, how not to drink, how to sleep, ”explains Nicolae Hâncu.

How much sleep we have and when

Not only in nutrition we must be balanced, but also when it comes to sleep. “Sleep has an extraordinary influence on our behavior and weight. We should sleep between 7 and no more than 9 hours a night, of which one hour should be before midnight. If you don't sleep at night, everything works against your health. Not too much sleep, 10-12 hours as usual for big sleepers, does not do well, "says the specialist.

Professor Hâncu explains how good food turns into an enemy. “There is no good and bad food. There are friendly, less friendly foods and hostile foods. For example, eating 4-5 eggs a week turns the egg into an extremely friendly food, but if you eat 10 eggs a day to increase your muscle mass, the egg becomes unfriendly, ”says the specialist.

The lifestyle has led to an epidemic of diabetes

According to Professor Hâncu, we are now witnessing the largest diabetes epidemic in history. And it is all due to the lifestyle that has changed badly over the years. “In the summer of 1967, I entered as a trainee at the Medical Clinic II, which also had the Diabetes Center in charge. I was immediately assigned to the Diabetes Center and in the fall I answered this center. At that time it had registered under 1,000 people and currently there are 28,000. This epidemic of diabetes and obesity is probably the largest in human history. Its causes are undoubtedly related to lifestyle. Before if you wanted to climb the Babele in Bucegi you got on your feet, and now you go by car or by cable car. The style of food has changed completely, there is sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol ”, says Nicolae Hâncu.

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