Secrets of healthy sleep. How to sleep well all night

Secrets of healthy sleep. How to sleep well all night

Secrets of healthy sleep. What you have to do to sleep well all night

Secrets of healthy sleep. Most of us have the habit of sitting on television before falling asleep. What's more, we can put the mobile phone on the phone or check the e-mail on the computer. Specialists warn that all these habits can bring us to the brink of insomnia.

Insomnia not only has a negative effect on good mood throughout the day but can also be detrimental to health. However, there are some tricks that can overcome insomnia. We have to pay attention to the light because darkness plays a very important role for sleep. We must try at least two hours before bedtime to move away from the screen of the computer, tablet, or TV. Exposure to the light emitted by these devices sends the signals to the brain that there is still a day out and your body interprets them so it does not there is still time to go to bed – experts from the New York Research Institute of Light "Rensselaer".

Secrets of healthy sleep. We also need to be attentive to the evening meal. All substances that are stimulants for the body (caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, cigarette, hard to digest foods) can cause insomnia. What we have to remember is that we do not have to do physical exercise at least with 20 minutes of bedtime. We need to know that older people have the biggest problems with insomnia.

Prolonged sleep from the weekend. Most people are tempted to sleep more in their free days, but according to recent research by the University of Texas Medical Center, prolonged sleep is detrimental to the body, while afternoon siesta is only recommended when the person is very tired.

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