Serious irregularities at Bagdasar Arseni Hospital. He was fined

Serious irregularities at Bagdasar Arseni Hospital. He was fined

The health inspectors from the Public Health Directorate of the Municipality of Bucharest gave fines in the total value of 63,000 lei following the control carried out on Monday and Tuesday at the Emergency Clinical Hospital "Bagdasar Arseni", for the irregularities found in the way of performing the cleaning operations, this service being outsourced by the health unit to a commercial company.

According to a press release from the Ministry of Health, health inspectors have indicated a series of measures to be implemented in the next period.

The cleaning company was fined 35,000 lei for non-observance of the procedures specific to the cleaning activity, disinfection in the sanitary units and lack of endowment of the biocidal product used for the high level disinfection. At the same time, the coordinator of the company staff was fined 20,000 lei for the non-monitoring of the activity.

The director of care at the Emergency Clinical Hospital "Bagdasar Arseni" was fined 2,000 lei for non-compliance with his own program of supervision, prevention and control, and the epidemiologist doctor with 2,000 lei, for non-compliance with his own program of surveillance and control of the infection associated with medical care. .

Two housekeepers from the cleaning company received fines of 2,000 lei each for not knowing by the auxiliary sanitary personnel the techniques and procedures of cleaning and disinfection.

The control was carried out at the request of the Ministry of Health. The team verified the way of cleaning and disinfection operations in the hospital by the auxiliary staff, as well as the compliance with the technical norms regarding the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization at the sanitary unit level, but also the compliance with the supervision, prevention and limitation rules. infections associated with healthcare.

"The health inspectors found that the operational procedure regarding the cleaning and disinfection in the hospital elaborated by the epidemiologist and the director of medical care, approved by the manager of the health unit, was not notified to the cleaning company in order to train the personnel and its implementation. The cleaning, disinfection of cleaning utensils, including mops and reusable cloths are not included in this operational procedure. The procedures and norms of professional conduct regarding the conduct of the activity within the commercial company are incomplete and not in accordance with the legislation in force. Irregularities were observed regarding the cleaning of the mops used in cleaning, in accordance with the approved procedures ”, it is shown in the press release.

According to the ministry, at the time of the inspection, there was no "high level" disinfectant stock in the warehouse of cleaning materials of the company. According to the service contract concluded, the company had the obligation to perform the current and terminal disinfection only with high level disinfectants in the high risk sections. In the endowment of the hospital there are "high level" biocidal products used by the hospital staff for the disinfection of the critical surfaces specific to each section.

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