Serotonin. What we need to know about the substance that rebalances us

Serotonin. What we need to know about the substance that rebalances us

What we need to know about serotonin, the substance that balances us mentally

Serotonin is an essential substance for humans. Their deficiency leads to depression, that is, it affects your mood, the quality of sleep, digestion.

Serotonin is a powerful neurotransmitter that is responsible for some of the most important functions of the body.

Serotonin is responsible for good mood, sleep quality, lack of it can affect digestion, and lack of it leads to depression. It can also control mood, impulse and sexual appetite.

Specialists claim that the main function of serotonin is to maintain the stability of emotional states. Serotonin deficiency can cause depression.

Serotonin is naturally produced by the human body, and tripophane, another substance, makes it possible to synthesize it.

What are the main signs of serotonin deficiency:

  • depressive states,
  • aggression,
  • insomnia,
  • irritability,
  • low self-esteem,
  • eating disorders,
  • low appetite,
  • memory issues,
  • anxiety,
  • obsession,
  • sadness,

As a rule, a low level of serotonin is associated with certain psychic disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic attack, post-traumatic stress disorder.

Also, serotonin deficiency also has physical consequences. Thus, the person gets fat, is always tired and has digestive problems.

What are the causes of serotonin deficiency:

  • Stress is one of the main causes, the explanation being that in order to find balance, the brain needs to use a higher amount of serotonin. Practically, chronic stress does not allow the brain to produce enough serotonin.
  • Lack of sunlight leads to lower serotonin levels. Therefore, there may be more emotional disturbances in the winter than in the summer.
  • Eating low-fat fats.
  • There are studies that claim that vitamin B3 deficiency can lead to serotonin deficiency.

Here's what foods can prevent serotonin deficiency:

  • Fish, especially salmon, macro and sardines rich in protein and fatty acids, stimulate serotonin production.
  • Eggs. They have a high content of triphophan, but also minerals that can improve emotional state and fight anxious states.
  • Milk and dairy products. They are renowned for their ability to lower cortisol levels and are also rich in tryptophan.
  • Walnuts contain tryptophan and are excellent sources of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.

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