Seven early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease

Seven early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease

Seven early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease

Dementia does more than lead to memory loss, studies showing that this disease is marked by a series of symptoms that occur especially at the onset of the disease. However, these are not easy to recognize: from the inability to recognize sarcasm to loss of balance, some symptoms are hard to notice.

1. Do you always lose your balance? Everyone is obstructed from time to time, but if this happens constantly it can be a sign of Alzheimer's disease, according to a new study.

2. You can appreciate sarcasm or not, but this is part of our culture. People suffering from both dementia and Alzheimer's have the tendency to understand sarcasm more difficult.

3. Individuals at the beginning of dementia become indifferent to social norms. Shop theft, burglary and inappropriate behavior in interpersonal relationships such as shifted sexual comments can all be symptoms of the disease.

4. A surprising symptom of dementia is the ingestion of objects or dishes that are bitter or altered. This is because the individual forgets what to do with the things in front of him.

5. If someone who is usually polite begins to insult or say inappropriate things and does not seem to be conscious or regret what he said, that person may have a first symptom of dementia.

6. Another sign of Alzheimer's disease is the impossibility of managing money. This can begin with the inability to manage money and bills, but as disease progresses, bad financial decisions are becoming more and more serious.

7. It is also a bad sign if a person who used to speak fluently, without hindrance, started to have problems, and he could not speak like this.

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