Simple exercise that works wonders for your thighs. You work for 5 minutes daily, and in two months you have the most bulging buttocks

The miraculous exercise for the busiest buttocks. Feser’s muscles need certain exercises focused precisely on stimulation in that area.

If you do this miraculous exercise every day for 5 minutes, training both your buttocks and your thighs, you will get in two months what is called a beach body. In other words, you will display a carved back and gorgeous legs on the beach.

Genuflexions are a miracle for the lower body. They should be executed correctly, in order for the muscles to work well.

Genuflexions make your body whole and greatly tonify your muscles, bringing many benefits to your life.

Genuflexions do not only focus on buttocks and leg muscles, but this exercise also brings benefits to all body muscles. It is extremely effective, it stimulates the body to release hormones that are so important for the development of muscles.

Genuflexions are considered to be some of the most effective exercises for muscle development, but also for burning calories at the same time.

The movement made for the correct execution of genuflexions has a beneficial role for digestion, favoring the elimination of toxins in the body, achieving better absorption of nutrients, and regulating intestinal movements that help good intestinal transit.

You should never look at your feet! The look must be in the mirror (and if you are not in the room then you will look forward, keeping your head straight).

All your weight must feel in the heel, which does not rise from the ground during the exercise. An extremely important thing: When you get down, your ass goes back as far as your back is right! Do not let your trunk in front!

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