Simple ways you can stop the aging process

Simple ways you can stop the aging process

You do not have to clean as much as possible to enjoy greater longevity, on the contrary. A microbiologist explains why you need stress in order to live longer, and its solutions are logical.

The concept of longevity is sometimes quite vague: in essence, it refers to living as long as possible. David Sinclair, a Harvard geneticist and professor of aging biology, believes that we can better understand longevity if we look at it the same way we look at a disease.

"I reached an aging point when I was cancer 30-40 years ago. Today, we can understand what triggers the process, "said the doctor in a podcast broadcast on the MindBodyGreen website.

Sinclair says that aging is triggered by the lack of stress that our body experiences. He believes that to optimize this process we need more stress in our lives. It sounds strange, but think of it as a body that is not tested, loses its strength and flexibility, becoming more easily ill. Similarly, an untrained brain, unused to its full capacity, loses its reaction speed and finds solutions more difficult, getting tired faster.

The microbiologist proposes three solutions by which our body uses stress to increase its longevity. Look at them as a workout for your muscles – at first it is harder, you miss your muscles, but in the long run you will feel good.

Consume fewer calories

Sinclair does not promote the values ​​of intermittent fasting. Although he mentions that it is incredibly beneficial for longevity, he noted that some people have problems with program compliance, many being intimidated by the 16: 8 scheme.

The easiest way to get the benefits of longevity without starving is to consume less calories in general, the doctor says. "I'm trying to be more of a guinea pig than a lion," he explained.

Thus, the expert avoids high-calorie foods, such as meat. He recommends a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and says that salads usually have fewer calories than a fat steak.

In addition, it is possible that, while eating fruits, vegetables and salads, you may become attached to this food style and prefer vegetable products instead of animal origin. "If you get used to them, the idea of ​​eating a huge steak will no longer appeal to you," he explained.

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