Six consistent foods that help keep your belly down

Six consistent foods that help keep your belly down

In all the madness of diets, they have a bad reputation and foods that are not so sinful, especially if consumed with moderation.

Eggs. They have long been considered unhealthy foods because they are rich in cholesterol that thickens the blood vessels.
Depending on how you prepare it: The more heat it gets, the harder it gets to digest. "The hard boiled egg is very rich in high quality protein and good at breakfast because it postpones the hunger. Omelet or egg eggs fall harder on the stomach, "explains nutritionist Lygia Alexandrescu.

Roast beef. For years, doctors have drawn attention to the consumption of red meat, which would increase the risk of cancer. But the beef steak in the blood is not really bad for the waist. In fact, a loose beef roast has almost as much saturated fat, that is, "bad" as the chicken breast without skin.

"Just like eggs, the beef is very rich in protein that sats. An ideal portion is the size of a pack of playing cards, "is the nutritionist Corina Zugravu's advice.

Pork. When it comes to poor reputation, pork beats all, that's because it's usually consumed in excess, anyway it's prepared.
An advantage would be that the pork muscle in the store is much weaker now.

Easter. Rather than giving up delicious pasta when you're eating, replace them with their full version – whole pasta and try to lower the portions a little.

Studies have shown that people who eat whole foods a couple of times a day (bread, cereals, or whole pasta) are weaker more and more harmonically than those who are trying to refrain from making the meal.

Whole foods help you burn the fat on the abdomen.

Nuts. Nuts are rich in fat but of good quality, which lowers bad cholesterol and increases the good. They also contain proteins and fibers that stabilize blood sugar.

"Of course, you'll earn some fat from a bunch of nuts, but it's worth it if it helps you stay away from cakes, foieties and sweets. Even peanut butter cuts your hunger and satisfies your sweet appetite, "adds nutritionist Corina Zugravu.

Cheese. Many nutritionists tend to interfere with cheese diets, but studies have shown that the body burns more calories when it receives enough calcium. That does not mean you have to take supplements. Forget about sophisticated cheeses, molds or bellows, because the good taste is given by the fats as well.

Buy only yogurt and milk with 1.5-1.8% fat, dietetic cheese or lean body.

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