"Some people remain blind because of this!"

"Some people remain blind because of this!"

Prof. Univ. Dr. Monica Pop: “Some people remain blind because of the advice or treatments taken from the Internet. Others have died, it is a very big mistake! ”

Prof. Univ. Dr. Monica Pop kindly provided an extremely interesting interview with Oana Nicolae, editor of evz.ro.

The doctor draws attention to the major dangers that can occur with self-diagnosis and finds with bitterness: Romanians no longer need ophthalmologists! They diagnose themselves on the Internet.

The statistics are shocking: Seven out of ten Romanians avoid going to an ophthalmological check, being out of time or out of comfort. Most come to a doctor's office too late or when nothing else can be done. What is really worrying is that many people turn to Google when they have a medical problem. For many, today the Internet has become a kind of Doctor House that guesses any medical condition and prescribes tips and treatments that do not endanger our lives, say the specialists.

Some people remain blind because of tips or treatments taken from the internet. “Others have died. It is a very big mistake. I know the case of a young cancer patient who has gone after the net and now has metastases in the eyes. The internet should not allow any interference in medical matters unless it comes from authorized doctors. There are all kinds of advertisements for medicines that have no value or people who do harm through all kinds of claims. I had a patient three weeks ago who put gas in his eyes for two years. It hurt the girl, it ended with that eye. I thought it wasn't true. I'm an ophthalmic emergency doctor, but I never thought that could happen. She was putting on gasoline every day because a neighbor told her she was reading somewhere. Unfortunately, he got cancer. He put his life in danger because of the stupidity he read on the internet. It's something of a horror. Everyone knows medicine and politics. At least in politics it's not dangerous. But in medicine it is very dangerous to listen to advice from anyone ”, draws the alarm signal Prof. Univ. Dr. Monica Pop.

The first eye check should be done at birth, but the most important is at the age of three or up to four years, because, if there is a visual defect, he can recover only up to six years. "If he has passed this age, the child is permanently and permanently handicapped. And this has a great impact on the afterlife. Patients suffering from ambiopathy (n.r. – loss of vision, not recoverable after the age of 6 years) are totally asymptomatic. Nothing can make you believe that child has something in their eyes, because that's how he discovered the world and life. The only possibility is an ophthalmological consultation ”, warns Dr. Monica Pop.

Read the EVZ interview here in this LINK to find out useful information about eye health and how dangerous it is to spend many hours at your computer. What is the opinion of Dr. Monica Pop? Interesting!

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