Sorina Pintea announced the construction of a new hospital on the Fundeni platform. When will the works begin?

Sorina Pintea announced the construction of a new hospital on the Fundeni platform. When will the works begin?

Health Minister Sorina Pintea believes that 2021 is "a reasonable date" for starting a new hospital on the Fundeni platform.

Present Monday at the 60th anniversary event of Fundeni Clinical Institute's inauguration, Sorina Pintea was asked by journalists who responded to those who supported the need to build a new hospital in Fundeni.

"And I supported this, therefore I have also allocated money to the C. C. Iliescu Institute for a feasibility study so that we can start building a new hospital. In fact, Professor Bubenek has sent the Ministry of Health the wish to do so, given that there are several functional problems related to the building, and here is the first step – the money allocated for the feasibility study. I have understood that there have been talks over Fundamental Hospital hospitals long ago, that even the creation of a heart-lung transplant center was in the same place. Unfortunately, these things have not materialized, but we did the first steps this year, "the Health Minister replied.

Sorina Pintea said that after finalizing the feasibility study, it follows the tender procedures for design and execution, which takes about a year, which is why it believes that 2021 is "a reasonable date" for starting a new hospital on the platform .

"It's about full financing from the state budget and, why not, accessing European funds, but at the moment the source of financing is stipulated – state budget," Pintea said.

She informed that 300,000 lei had been allocated for the feasibility study.

"At the moment, for the Fundeni Clinical Institute, we are talking only of money for capital repairs and the provision of medical equipment. There was no discussion about a new building for the actual replacement of the Fundeni Institute building at this time, I'm talking only of C. C. Iliescu, "Pintea said.

The Minister stressed that, beyond the figures, the Fundeni Institute means above all "life, sometimes death and pain and happiness and joy."

"Last year, the ministry allocated 3.2 million euros to the institute for endowment with medical equipment for emergency and intensive care, capital repairs and modernization within the investment project with the World Bank. This year we continue investing in medical equipment, we have already allocated 10 million lei and we will not stop here, but all this would be nothing without you without those who value those things. (…) I hope we have relaunched ourselves, who lead the destiny of this country, (…) to give you the dignity of the medical staff so that patients feel safe here at home, "added Sorina Pintea.

Fundamental Clinic Institute Manager Carmen Orban said that on the 60th anniversary of the institution, he wants a new hospital for the institute.

"I think, after 60 years of the Fundeni Clinical Institute, after 60 years of demonstrating medical performance in all sorts, after 60 years of generations of doctors and teachers who went to all over the world and around the world, I think we can all think that a fair medical act means a hospital appropriate to this purpose, so I think that if we want to talk about performance, we can not speak without a new hospital modern. (…) The Ministry of Health had a campaign to equip and modernize all hospitals, which is a good and remarkable thing (…) but I think that when we talk about regional, republican, metropolitan hospitals, we have to take into account that on the Fundeni platform should be made a hospital. This hospital can be called anyway, it's important that it be done, it's a new hospital because the ultra-specialized and highly specialized medical resource exists and it's a shame not to take advantage of it, "added Carmen Orban.

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