Specialists put a wall of food adorning the Romanians. How dangerous it can be for health!

Specialists put a wall of food adorning the Romanians. How dangerous it can be for health!

The Honorary President of the Romanian Federation of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, doctor Nicolae Hâncu, made the analysis of a food combination adored by Romanians.

It seems that the lump of onions, sprinkled with plums, is not as healthy as it would have been.

This combination is very dangerous for health, says dr. Nicolae Hâncu, dismantling the myth that it is a healthy, traditional, Romanian, natural option, without E, without preservatives, more appropriate than the food choices of the townspeople, according to adevarul.ro.

The doctor also claims that bacon is an unhealthy saturated fat, and the myth left that people then had a very active life, and excessive fat was not on their list, but that did not mean they were living a healthy life.

"Saliva is extremely saturated fat that is extremely unhealthy for the body, even if it is with onion and brandy. It has nothing to do with health. Was the Romanian peasant going and working from 5 o'clock in the morning until the sun was at work, had to put something to eat? He put on what he had, a piece of bread, bacon and water. Do not think he's drinking the brandy out there in the field. Maybe she was drinking at home when she was driving. Those in the country who had a good economic condition ate unhealthy, and those who did not have a good economic condition simply drank. None of the variants are fine. A healthy diet, as nutritionists recommend it today, almost did not exist 50 years ago, because of this period we are talking about. Of course you will say that the peasant had intense physical activity, but then there were no gymnasiums, swimming pools. The recommendations that physicians do today and which are followed there did not exist then. I am talking about practicing sports, smoking was at home, and drinking. Instead of yogurt, yoghurt from buffalo milk is used. In the house of my grandparents buffalo milk was considered a symbol of health. Is anyone eating it today? No, "the doctor explained.

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