Study: women’s brains are aging slower than men

If you’ve ever wondered why women are smarter and more aged in their last years than men, a new study offers the answer to this dilemma: women’s brains are aging much slower than men’s.

In a study recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a group of researchers analyzed 205 people aged between 20 and 85 years in order to discover the changes that take place in the brain as they age.

Human brain

However, during the analysis, the researchers’ attention was distracted from the initial goal, noting that women’s brains were about three years younger than men of the same age.

Principal investigator Manu Goyal said, “Metabolism in the brain can help us understand some of the differences we see between men and women as they age.”

Men are mature three years later than women, which suggests that this difference is not due to the rapid aging of the male brain. The exact causes of this phenomenon are not yet known.

Thus, women may enjoy verbal, numerical and learning skills for longer than men, but they appear to suffer a significant metabolic decline in menopause. This could make them vulnerable to diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Type 2 diabetes, and the only way to avoid decline is to have a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

Concerned is the fact that specialists have also discovered many major differences between brain age and chronological age. So if you want to keep yourself younger both metabolically and physically, make sure that your diet is as healthy and healthy as possible, and exercise is part of everyday activities.

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