Successful intimate life. The biggest mistakes in the bedroom

Successful intimate life. The biggest mistakes in the bedroom

If you are 30 or you have crossed this barrier, try to enjoy your intimate life.

Many women around this threshold say they feel more sexy than ever. They are more connected to their bodies than 20 years old, and that only leads to quality sex parties.

A known sexologist points to some mistakes made by adults around the age of 30.

Many are lazy. Do not let your routine affect your intimate life. Explore and do not be happy with quick parties, says Shannon Chavez, a sexologist in Los Angeles.

Do not panic if you do not have a libido. Do not give up sex, lust comes eating.

Do not make the mistake of putting your intimate life in second place if you have a baby. Children need attention, of course, but do not forget your partner. Consider your first child relationship and give her what she needs.

Do not take sex so seriously. Play it, that's it. Be open to experiencing and do not be afraid to be wrong. Do not have sex with the mind, but with the senses.

Do not just focus on the clitoris. It is an organ that gives you guaranteed orgasm, but a successful game does not just focus on the clitoris and the penis. They have to be the last demeans, the human body is sprinkled with stimuli everywhere.

It's not a way for you to have an affair if it does not satisfy your intimate home life. No, no, no! Discuss, save, fix, adventure is something ephemeral and a fair solution to your partner!

Do not have sex if you have pain. Do not compromise. Sex is pleasure! If you have pain, consult a specialist and then live the couple's pleasure.

Sex is a priority. Do not minimize its importance. I know, there's no time, we're tired. Pass this on the agenda, if necessary. Do not ignore the life of the couple, it's a matter of attention that ensures the balance of your family life.

If you feel the need to masturbate, do it even if you are in a couple. What's more, do you know that your partner would find it super exciting to look at you?

And another important rule for a successful couple's life is not to let yourself be influenced by friends. You do not have to do like them, every couple has its dynamics, there is nothing wrong with you if you are different from your friends. It is important to be content, reconciled and balanced with a balanced life that will balance the rest of your life and make you optimistic and positive.

Even if you have 20, 30, 40 or 50 years, enjoy yourself and explore further.

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