Summer hives! What causes it?

Summer hives! What causes it?

Summer hives! What causes it?

Hives are one of the most common skin diseases. Statistical data show that over 20% of the world's population is affected by hives at a given time in life. Both children and adults can have such episodes of illness.

Moreover, specialists claim that hives are the most common skin condition treated in the emergency services of hospitals in the world.

Hives are most often manifested by itching. But it also has symptoms such as a burning or burning skin. Urticaria-specific stains can appear anywhere on the body, including the face, lips, throat, tongue, ears.

From the point of view of the onset, the urticaria can be classified into:

  • acute urticaria – with a onset of up to 6 weeks,
  • chronic urticaria – in such cases the evolution of the disease is over 6 weeks.

Doctors claim that urticaria is a skin allergy that manifests through the appearance of pink, slightly swollen spots. These spots have varying shapes and sizes. For example, some have one or two millimeters, others have a few centimeters.

The main factors favoring:

  • Contact with pets – hair, fur, saliva – or with different substances or chemicals.
  • Certain allergies or intolerances to some foods.
  • Insect bites that can cause the appearance of a form of urticaria called in medical terms acute papular urticaria.
  • As an adverse effect of medication administration.
  • Contact with non-precious metals (nickel, chromium, cobalt, copper), rubber, latex, industrial chemicals, as well as cosmetics.
  • Exposure to sun, cold, pressure, physical exertion, high level of stress in the body.

In summer, hives that cause insect bites. Insect and spider bites are manifested locally by the appearance of itchy, erythematous areas. Often these are accompanied by pain. Careful! If the urticaria is because of the insects in children, things can get complicated and you need an urgent doctor. In the case of children allergic to bee venom or ant formic acid, they can cause urticaria as a reaction to the sting of these insects.

How to treat hives:

The first step in treating hives is to diagnose the condition and determine the factor that triggered it.

Usually, the treatment will consist of the administration of antihistamines or antiallergic drugs, the sedatives that act on the pruritus, sometimes the doctor also recommending cortisone. Great care! Patients who are aware of the allergen that can cause urticaria should do so to avoid the trigger factor for life. For example, in the case of insect bites it is advisable to avoid the places where they are, to use creams or sprays to remove them.

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