Surprising tips from a well-known cardiologist: You can find the meaning

Surprising tips from a well-known cardiologist: You can find the meaning

Cardiologist and writer Vasi Rădulescu writes on Facebook, in a post, about those "big and wide things to do in this life".

We also noticed a more melancholy side to it, Vasi Rădulescu displaying a cold and sharp attitude.

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Cardiologist and writer Vasi Rădulescu remembers, in a Facebook post, about those two things in which people can find "meaning, happiness, harmony".

Vases Rădulescu, life. Posting the specialist: You have two big and wide things to do in this life:

1. Take care of yourself. Take care of yourself every moment. To try to stay in balance, to eat well, to sleep well, to check your body, to do sports, to stay in the light, to read a lot, to travel, to have almost good people, to pick up beautiful stories, to do things every day, dream, play.

2. Do good to others. Somehow you have to take care of the first point to make the second. Do good because we are more connected than we think. In this world full of wonder and love, I am you and you are me.

The rest of things are somehow like satellites. Starting from the two points you can find the meaning, the happiness, the harmony. They are fundamental. Take care of yourself and others around you ”, concludes cardiologist Vasi Rădulescu, known as a writing doctor, and in 2018 designated“ The best communicating doctor ”at the COPAC Gala.

Watched by over 100,000 people on social networks, Vasi Rădulescu writes about experiences in the hospital and tries to convince people to use credible sources of information when it comes to health and medication. Vasi Rădulescu is the author of the books "Dear heart" and "Colors of oblivion", being the founder of leapşadesă, a medical education project.

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