Symptoms that many women are unaware of. I can announce one of the most dangerous types of cancer

Symptoms that many women are unaware of. I can announce one of the most dangerous types of cancer

Romania occupies the first position among the European countries in the incidence of cervical cancer, a situation similar to that of the underdeveloped countries of Africa, Asia and South America.

In the first place in the ranking we are also in cervical cancer mortality, which is the second cause of cancer mortality in Romanian women, after breastfeeding, explains family physician Carmen Adriana Dogaru, vice president of the Dolj Family Physicians Society.

Aqueous vaginal discharge
When the cancer begins to develop inside the cervix, the cells of the uterine wall begin to give way and thus aqueous vaginal leakage occurs.

Pain or bleeding
Another sign of cervical cancer is bleeding from urination. Any other bleeding with the exception of menstruation should be an alarm and affected women should report to the doctor as a matter of urgency.

Urinary problems
If the cervix is ​​inflamed, the kidneys and bladder are directly affected and thus due to the pressure placed on them, the urine can no longer be eliminated normally, causing pain and infections of the urinary tract.

If the heart starts to beat faster for no reason or the fatigue is constantly felt, without changes in diet, there is a possibility that the person in question suffers from anemia.

The appearance of small warts is another alarm signal worth noting, according to gynecologists.

Continuous pain in the lower limbs, back and hips
The inflamed cervix "presses" the internal organs and blood vessels and thus, the blood cannot reach the pelvis and legs, causing pain and inflammation in the lower limbs and knees.

Weight loss
Most cancers cause a sharp drop in appetite. Inflammation of the cervix can also put pressure on the stomach and thus the affected people lose their appetite and weaken.

The diagnosis can only be given by the doctor. An annual gynecologist check is recommended, but if you notice any of the above symptoms, schedule a gynecological check.

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