The amazing benefits of orange consumption

Oranges are not only good for taste, but they also bring a lot of benefits to the body. For example, say specialists, can help protect the eyes, prevent constipation, support the immune system, relieve anxiety and depression, maintain skin health, facilitate digestion and protect the heart.

Here’s why it’s good to consume as many oranges as possible:

  • Improve vision. Because they contain vitamin A, oranges are good for maintaining eye health. They can also help prevent cataracts, some studies say.
  • Prevent constipation. Being rich in fiber, oranges improve constipation and can even prevent it if they are regularly eaten.
  • Strengthen the immune system. These fruits are rich in vitamin C and contribute to the immune system.
  • Contribute to maintaining dental health. There are studies that show that these fruits have the role of improving gingivitis and, in addition, may speed up wound healing.
  • Adjusts blood pressure. This is explained by the fact that the fruit contains potassium, a mineral that has a beneficial effect on the heart.
  • They improve kidney function, and potassium ions have the role of eliminating residues that do not remain in the kidneys and protect kidney stones.
  • Facilitates food digestion. Oranges help improve digestive system functions by stimulating secretion of digestive juices and lowering stomach acid so that the risk of gastritis is minimized.
  • Lowers bad cholesterol – LDL – and protects the heart. Oranges can lower bad cholesterol levels because they are rich in fiber-soluble fibers that help to remove the fat in the blood.
  • They maintain the health and suppleness of the hair. Moreover, it seems that orange juice would actually improve dandruff. Also, the nutrients present in the fruit prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth.
  • Optimal brain function. A single orange provides about 10% of the daily requirement for folate, the brain compound for cellular development of new neurons.

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