The amazing results of a study. Unbelievable about baldness

The amazing results of a study. Unbelievable about baldness

Chew was, for many years, quite frustrating for many men. There are numerous legends that put the baldness in the queue of the list of qualities a woman would like from his partner.

But a study comes to contradict these beliefs. Can it be the image of the exaggerated masculinity of the "bad guys" in action movies? Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis etc?

The last lightning in terms of men would be, according to a study: the mature man, with careless study studied and completely bald, but who has started to do sports for a few years, and this is seen!

Chel is the new sexy

You become bald after a long trial, for a few years, it does not happen overnight. Studies show that up to 35 years, about 66% of men lose a considerable amount of hair.

Generally, baldness is genetically inherited. And if so far it was a great minus, find out that it could be an unpredictable blessing.

The study led by Dr. Frank Muscarella of Barry University in Florida evaluated men with baldness from four perspectives: physical attraction, aggression, attitude and social maturity ranging from honesty to intelligence and social status.

The study was divided into two: one group evaluated pictures of men with rich hair. The other group rated the same men, but had baldness with a photo editing program.

The results were clear: bald men are perceived as being more honest, smarter, and stronger, leading to the result that baldness is now very vogue, that is the aptness of the sexiest men.

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