The anti-aging diet of Ana Aslan, the woman who discovered the elixir of youth

The anti-aging diet of Ana Aslan, the woman who discovered the elixir of youth

Ana Aslan has lived for almost 92 years. It was a longevity, according to scientific definitions.

Ana Aslan (1897-1988) was born in Brăila and attended the courses of the Medical Faculty in Bucharest. From 1952, he became director of the Institute of Geriatrics, being one of the pioneers of world medical gerontology. Ana Aslan was the one who discovered the therapeutic benefits of procaine through long-term treatment in small doses. Procaine becomes the main ingredient of Gerovital H3, an original Romanian product and the first medicine created specifically for delaying the aging process.

She was taught to eat properly, at fixed hours, healthy. Good food like the Romanian peasant. As a physician, Ana Aslan has brought this good nutrition into the diet of her patients.

Everything has to be as natural as possible, avoiding canned foods. Nutrition must naturally bring what the body needs. No unnecessary substances. Lots of vegetables, lots of fruits, and of course, lots of movement.

Normally, a day of a patient, from the point of view of nutrition should look like this: breakfast, snack, lunch (Ana Aslan take lunch at maximum 13:30), snack, dinner (at 18:00 – 19:00) .

In the meat chapter it had a kind of classification: beef, fish, bird, lamb / sheep, pork. But the pig didn't recommend it very much. Then recommend the liver, the tongue, in general meat from animals that feed, in turn, cleaner. And all rasol! Sometimes, I go and make them oven.

At that time, it was made with meat – vegetables with little protein, not meat with something. We now eat meat with little topping.
The Mediterranean diet? Well, the tomatoes with cheese and bread the Romanian peasant ate?

As I said, I recommend vegetables. In the natural state or souls, many souls. Then dairy, eggs. No fries, no fat.

What did Ana Aslan eat? He also had favorite dishes: clear beef soup, with croutons, parsley and pepper, carp on pickled cabbage, fennel, lemon curd, rice noodles, poultry pilaf, turkey, mushrooms with cheese in the oven. And he also had a sweet weakness: he liked the "Buturugă" cake, made in the house.


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