The Assumption of the Virgin Mary, one of the largest Christian holidays

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary, one of the largest Christian holidays

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary or Saint Mary the Great, a huge feast for all Christians.

The Mother of the Lord is the everlasting mediator of our desires and hardships, so it is important to honor her properly.

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary is a fixed holiday, celebrated every year on August 15, known in the people as St. Mary the Great or the Holy Sament.

The Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is also considered the holiday that separates the summer months from the winter months, and on this day is also celebrated the Day of the Marine, because the Mother of the Lord is considered the protector of the sailors.

It's a feast, but let's not forget that Sleep is by no means an end, but a passage to God the Father.

That is why, contrary to many superstitions, it is okay to say "happy birthday" to the anniversaries of the day. But it is important to keep our sobriety and remember that these feasts are not made for worldly parties, but for a connection to the Divinity, absolutely, through prayer, by going to the Liturgy and by sharing gifts to the less fortunate.

When you help another soul, do it with all openness, as if you were doing something for yourself. For the divine essence can only be attained by love. Love your neighbor as yourself!

In the writings of the Eastern parents it is said that the Mother of the Lord was notified by an angel of her moving out of this life. It is also said that the apostles at that time in different areas of the world were brought to the clouds to be present at this event. Since the Apostle Thomas could not be present at the funeral, when he arrived after 3 days he asked for the tomb to be opened so that he could kiss the Nativity's hands, but entering he found the tomb empty. Over time, in the words of the Fathers of the Church, it was stated that the Virgin Mary was raised by her Son and taken with her body to the Kingdom of Heaven, writes the website

On the other hand, tradition also says that after completing the apostolic mission entrusted to him, to carry the faith on Mount Athos, the Mother of the Lord wanted to move to His Son. This request was fulfilled and so was the desire of the Christians that the body of the Virgin Mary should not be subjected to power and taken to heaven.

Savior of the souls of hell

All tradition also says that before the Great Judgment, the Mother of the Lord will strike the throne three times through hell, the souls from there being able to catch him and thus save himself from sins. It is also said that devils, left without human souls, will eat among themselves until there is no one left.

Customs and traditions of Saint Mary the Great

Tradition says that on the morning of August 15, women went to church where they shared grapes, plums or honeycombs. After the fruits were divided, the women went to the cemetery to bury the graves. On the other hand, those who had large vineyards used to watch the gangs guarding the vines on this day.

Also, on this day, men changed their hats with their hats, and those who noticed that they were still wearing hats were ironic. Also, on this holiday day, it was forbidden to sleep on the porch or bathe in the waters of the rivers polluted by deer, just as the day before, on the eve of the Holy Sea.

On the other hand, in the past on August 15, an important season of weddings was held in the traditional village, which lasted until the entry of Christmas. Also on this day were organized autumn fairs and marriages and the period between the two Saints' Day was considered the optimum time for autumn sowing.

At the same time, before the feast of the Holy Sea, the last healing plants are gathered, being able to find out how autumn will be approaching and flowers will be collected which are put on icons and which are then good for curing certain diseases.

In the parts of Moldova this holiday is considered the holiday of the "dead" and on this occasion all the ancestors left in the world of the righteous who bear the name of the Holy Virgin are mentioned.

Over 2.2 million Romanians celebrate their namesake

In Romania, over 2.2 million Romanians celebrate their namesake on Thursday, of which 1,819,378 are women and 416,844 men. Of these, 1,398,464 bear the name of Maria, 273,454 of Mariana, 51,620 of Marinela and 31,149 of Mioara. There are also 25,947 women bearing the name of Marina, 25,447 from Marilena, 10,834 from Mărioara, 1,685 from Măriuca and 162 from Măria.

On the other hand, of the total number of men who celebrate their namesake on Thursday, a number of 310.751 bear the name of Marian, 102,620 of Marin and 3,332 of Marinica.

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