The beneficial medicine of the earth! Heals, purifies, detoxifies

The beneficial medicine of the earth! Heals, purifies, detoxifies

Clay, this beneficial drug of the earth. Man has a deep connection with the earth. He sustains and heals us, and many specialized studies have proven his properties.

Clay heals many diseases, purifies our body, gets rid of microbes, is a powerful detoxifier. It also has antiseptic properties, heals the wounds and cleans all the harmful substances on the digestive tract.

Get rid of all the stomach, bile, liver, intestine, kidney and bladder residue. A clay lotion is recommended for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as asthenia, anemia, gastritis and stomach diseases, oscillating tension.

Clay strengthens the immune system and reduces the body's sensitivity to external aggressive factors, pollution, sudden variations in temperature and humidity.

Clay also calms ulcer pain, scarring damaged stomach walls, but also tooth or gum ache.

Red clay, rich in iron and copper oxide, combats anemia and is used successfully for joint diseases. Less used in facial treatments, it can be administered internally, thus having a beneficial effect on the skin.

With a high content of pure silicone in cosmetics it is used for its action of disinfecting and softening the complexion.

A special value is the blue clay in Romania due to its rich content of copper and chromium salts. It is recommended for fatty skin, but also for acne skin. It whitens the complexion and improves the wrinkles and is used in the form of masks.

This clay smoothes the wrinkles and has anti-cellulite, antibacterial, and anti-stress effect.

It does not have side effects and is also recommended for: prostate adenoma, burns, cancer, leukemia, dermatitis, psoriasis, cirrhosis, hepatitis, gastroduodenal ulcer, gingivitis, renal lithiasis, osteoporosis, pancreatitis, paralysis, neurosis, epilepsy, sinusitis , varicose veins, stretch marks.

Yellow clay has a lower iron oxide content and is therefore recommended for delicate skin. It has an absorbent, exfoliating, toning, scarifying effect.

Used on the body, relieves pain, improves circulation, oxygenates and tonifies the skin, is effective in the treatment of cellulite.

Clay-green clay, Fullers, is used to bleach the skin due to its rich content of aluminum, silicon, iron oxide, calcium oxide and magnesium. It has the ability to absorb fat, and is therefore recommended for acne.

Bentonite clay is edible and contains over 70 minerals. It is an internal supplement sought by those with mineral deficiency, but also good for the elimination of toxins.

For external use, it is used for wrapping, bathing or other skin care recipes.

Clay also helps to remove impurities, but also heavy metals, while treating anemia, ulcer, intestinal problems, hemorrhoids.

Clay straps can be kept in any season, but they are more suitable in spring when we introduce more green foods into the diet.

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