The benefits of vitamin D that can save your life

We are beginning to become more aware of the benefits of vitamin D, mainly because of the growing concern of many of us. And this is more than explainable: when the level of radiation increases, we are basically forced to use sunscreen constantly, which blocks the production of this precious vitamin.

And vitamin D has gained a remarkable life-saving reputation lately. See below what your health benefits are, but how to do to prevent vitamin D deficiency.

8 Vitamin D benefits that show how important it is

Discover below which are the reasons why many specialists consider vitamin D to be the most important!

It’s the guarantee of a harmonious pregnancy and a healthy baby

It seems that pregnant women who have low vitamin D (not necessarily deficiency) are at risk of preeclampsia (hypertension and excess protein in pregnant women’s urine), premature birth, and cesarean delivery. In other words, according to studies, the presence of vitamin D can keep you from complications at birth. Vitamin D can also improve the immunity of children, prevent obesity in their case, and lung disease.

It could prevent diabetes

One of the most widespread diseases of today’s society is diabetes. Again vitamin D could prevent it, the correlation is now achieved with the sufficient level of this nutrient in the early years of life. According to research, children who had high vitamin D concentrations in their first year of life had a 88% lower risk of having diabetes over the next 30 years.

Reduces the risk of cancer

If you are not yet sure that vitamin D saves your life, find that it also protects you from breast cancer. It appears that women who have been sufficiently exposed to the sun during their youth have a much lower risk of breast cancer than those with low levels of vitamin D. Research has been published in the American Journal of Epidemiology and may represent an important point in the fight against this disease.

Vitamin D can also reduce the risk of colon, prostate and pancreatic cancer.

Maintains heart health

Yeah, cancer kills us faster, but cardiovascular disease makes more victims. Vitamin D is essential in heart health, with specialists also claiming it can repair the damage caused to the cardiovascular system by high blood pressure or diabetes. It is also the key to healthy arteries and reduces the risk of premature death in people who already suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Prevents dementia and Alzheimer’s

Brain health is also an important area of ​​action for vitamin D. According to a study in 2014, people with this vitamin deficiency were at twice the risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia.

It protects you from cold and flu

The current epidemic, resulting in so many deaths, should be an alarm signal. Although vitamin C is considered the heroine of the immune system, vitamin D should not be ignored. One study has drawn attention to the fact that adults with adequate levels of vitamin D were at a much lower risk of developing respiratory infections.

It’s keeping you out of depression

Perhaps the most terrible disease of modern society is depression, which strikes even more violently as it remains undetected. Vitamin D participates in serotonin secretion, thus improving mood. There are also cases of women diagnosed with moderate to severe depression who have cured after having been treated with vitamin D deficiency.

Improves balance

If it seems to you that this benefit is not very important, take into account that a fall can end an old man’s life, for example. But a sufficient level of vitamin D supports mobility and balance, especially for seniors.

In addition to these virtually life-saving benefits, vitamin D protects against autoimmune diseases, strengthens bones, relieves symptoms of digestive disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome, relieves migraines, protects against autism and multiple sclerosis, protects against infarction and attacks of asthma. We can assert, without fear of being deceived, that vitamin D is the guarantee of a healthy and harmonious life.

Best sources of vitamin D

As we are all more or less exposed to deficiencies, here are the best sources of vitamin D that can save your life.


The best source of vitamin D remains sun exposure, because, thanks to it, we can get naturally enough levels. It takes no more than 10-15 minutes to relax under hot, daily rays. Of course, do not apply SPF and choose hours of sunshine between 11 and 16 months. Recommended months are April to August because vitamin D is stored in tissues and used in the cold.

Food sources

The foods with the highest vitamin D content are beef liver, cheese, eggs and fatty fish. In addition, you can also consume orange juice and fortified cereals with this essential vitamin.

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