The best 4 vegetables for your health

The best 4 vegetables for your health

Vegetables, fruits and plants that are abundantly available at this time of the year are wonders for the health of the body.

The explanation is that they contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that either prevent disease or improve those already installed in the body.

Here's what it's good to eat this spring:

spinach. It is an ideal food if you want to fortify your body. It helps to eliminate winter accumulated toxins in the body, plus the spinach contains folic acid, iron and they make it ideal when you want a good intestinal transit. Last but not least, those who consume spinach often manage to improve their vision and reduce the risk of cataracts because spinach contains lutein – the substance that protects the lens.

Lettuce helps to reduce anxiety, and is also recognized for its calming qualities, natural sedation of the nervous system. Moreover, it is rich in vitamin C and helps increase the body's immunity. It also has beta-carotene being effective in relieving digestive problems. Salad is ideal for ladies who want to lose weight because they have very few calories.

radishes contain so many antioxidants that it is a great pity to take advantage of their benefits. There are studies showing that they can fight in preventing certain types of cancer. Last but not least, I am a rich source of vitamins C, B, but also phosphorus, zinc.

Cabbage, the queen of vegetables. Why? Because it contains vitamins, minerals, high quality fiber. It also has substances with anti-tumor, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Leaves of cabbage, consumed as such, or their juice have proven their effectiveness over many years over a multitude of diseases. Also, cabbage also contains a substance called sulforofan which is the number one ally in the fight with toxins accumulated in the liver. At the same time, the sulforan it contains stimulates the production of an enzyme that plays an important role in detoxifying the body, not just the liver. Doctors say that constant consumption of cabbage could stop the evolution of cataract due to the powerful antioxidant effect that cabbage has.

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