The best thing you can do when you feel stressed, agitated, indecisive. It’s within reach and it’s free

Stress is the order of the day for the vast majority of the world’s population. Moreover, even children or adolescents have their daily stress. Experts in mindfulness tell us that there are soothing solutions in us.

No day resembles the other, everything is changing, and most of the time we are confronted with new situations that take us out of the comfort zone. The impact is immediately seen in thoughts and throughout the body.

According to the expert in mindfulness Dana Predu, when we want to find out how we feel, the first thing is to check our breath. “When you restrict or modify breathing, you diminish the energy of life. The sensation of agitation and indecision is accompanied by shallow breathing, “explains Dana Predu, author of the book” Minute of mindfulness. “

What can you do in such situations?

When confronted with a period of feelings – not knowing where – undecided or agitated, we can try the following methods to modify respiration.

Give yourself time to make friends with your breath. “How is your breathing? Sacred or regular? Quiet or fast? Deep or shallow? Do you tend to halt or hurry it? By observing the breath we get a correct image of the moment we are in, and so we can bring balance in the way we feel, “explained the expert in mindfulness Dana Predu.

It’s time to notice any difference. “Now you are in the base area, at the starting point, you are present and alert. If you continue to notice your breath, you will get the necessary balance to go forward with joy – you with life, “says the specialist.

Be breathing one with one. “Be present with every breath, for the duration. You will also notice a brief pause between inspiration and exhalation. Continue in your rhythm! “Advises expert in mindfulness Dana Predu.

How do we remain anchored today in a chaotic world?

There are several methods that help you remain anchored today while you are doing your day’s goals. A mindfulness method, which the mindfulness expert Dana Predu has often used successfully in her seminars, is the “STOP” method.

The STOP method is a mini-meditation that guides you to focus on your breathing, your sensations, the body and the experience of the present moment.

S from STOP. Stop everything you do! Pay attention to everything that’s going on around you.

T is to “send air” to your body. Inspire deeply so you can send a generous amount of air into your lungs. Breathe deeply. Regulates breathing sensations. Pay attention and focus on breathing sensations right now at this time. The goal is to be fully present with the complete journey of breathing into and out of the body.

O is for “observation”. Observe your body and emotions. What sensations do you feel in your head, shoulders, arms and legs? Feel what is present in the body. Then it strengthens the focus on the environment. What do you see, smell, hear, feel?

P is for “presence”. Now you are in the present moment, you are conscious. Continue what you did before with blushing and intent to integrate the awareness of the present moment.

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