The big burns will be treated in the new center inaugurated only until 2023 yesterday

The big burns will be treated in the new center inaugurated only until 2023 yesterday

The plans of the Ministry of Health are great! After the inauguration of the best center of burns in the country, Sorina Pintea says that things will not stay that way.

The Minister of Health, Sorina Pintea, said, on Wednesday, that by 2023 a new center for large burns will be built in Timişoara, the one inaugurated later that day will become at that time a polytrauma center.

"The big burns will not be treated here in the Austria House until 2023. This Large Burn Center will become a Polytrauma Center, and the big burns will be treated in a new large burn center, which is a project. of the Government, with money from the World Bank, for the creation of four large burn centers; two in Bucharest, one in Timişoara and one in Târgu Mureş ”, said Sorina Pintea, in a press conference held in Timişoara.

The Minister of Health mentioned that the projects of these centers were blocked in the past, but they are now contracted and are in the technical design phase which will be completed by the end of the year or in January 2020, so that in the third quarter of next year they will start their construction. . The execution period is 36 months.

"There are days before the commemoration of the victims of the tragedy from the Collective. I think the allocation of funds from the Ministry of Health has shown that I did not take into account the political color, but the real needs of the hospital. I am glad that it happened to be now (the inauguration of the Center of big burns, n.r.), maybe those who went through that tragedy deserved to see that it can be ”, added Minister Pintea.

After the inauguration of the center, Sorina Pintea visited two patients for whom she had countless discussions with hospitals from abroad, but they were refused, the only ones willing to take her are the doctors from the Austria House in Timisoara, writes Agerpres.

"I visited a 19-year-old boy who was electrocuted, which a center in Belgium did not want to receive because it was very serious. The ones from Timisoara received it. Now, David speaks, it will be very good, because the people here have had the courage. I think that it was worth all this struggle of mine, of those from the Ministry of Health (…) who understood why these centers are needed and why these projects should not remain blocked. Now, in Timisoara we have five beds of large functional burns ”, said the minister Sorina Pintea.

The Center of Great Burns (Austria House) within the Timisoara County Hospital was inaugurated on Wednesday, in the presence of the Minister of Health, Sorina Pintea, who appreciated that the facilities are raising or even exceeding the conditions of similar units abroad.

For the center of Timişoara, whose endowment amounted to almost 2 million euros, it was approved the operation of two more guard lines and two more doctors positions in the specialty plastic surgery. Of the five speakers, three are operational immediately, and the other two, after the County Council (CJ) Timiş will sign the reception, within a maximum of three weeks.

“The medical equipment is purchased and paid for by the Ministry of Health, with financing from the World Bank. The speakers are ready, the first three will enter office. These additional works were needed because a generator that supplies electricity in case of problems and another acquisition of the Ministry of Health through the World Bank. That is why we will start with three speakers. We considered it compulsory to start them, because the existing personnel, the equipment arrived from the Ministry of Health being finalized, it was incorrect and inhuman not to start with them, even if for the other two. We have 50 people working ”, explained the director of the County Hospital of Timisoara, Marius Craina.

For the five patients to be treated here, the center has on-call doctors, ATI-know specialists and plastic surgery that serve only them.

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