The cheap product, full of vitamins and minerals, which helps you lose weight

The cheap product, full of vitamins and minerals, which helps you lose weight

This product has been used for many years, but few people know its amazing properties. Brewer's yeast is an excellent revitalizer and, regularly consumed, helps to slow down the aging process.

* This article is informative and educational and cannot substitute for the specialized medical consultation. Thank you!

The yeast should not be consumed as such, in a living state, but in the form of extracts in which the product is inactivated!

It has 16 amino acids, 14 minerals and 17 vitamins
Brewer's yeast contains proteins (most essential amino acids), all B vitamins, vitamins D, H, E (biotin), enzymes, high salts of potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus (12%), lipids (5% -10%), carbohydrates and certain trace elements essential for life (selenium, chromium). According to the latest research, this yeast has 16 amino acids, 14 minerals and 17 vitamins.
The countless properties of this universal natural panacea have caused doctors and nutritionists to create two cures based on brewer's yeast: internal and external.

Internal treatment, indicated in case of poisoning
Internal treatment is indicated for anemia, avitaminosis, rickets, demineralization, growth disorders, intoxications, nervous system disorders, hepatobiliary disorders, cardiovascular diseases, digestive diseases, diabetes, obesity, hyperglycemia, hypercholesterolemia, etc.

In the case of internal treatment we have three ways of use, depending on the form in which the yeast is presented: fresh, dry (powder) or tablets (found in pharmacies).

Fresh yeast is consumed with honey: to a teaspoon of yeast add two teaspoons of honey, rubbing the mixture until a homogeneous paste is obtained. The daily dose for an adult is three teaspoons of yeast, which is given on an empty stomach in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

The dry yeast dissolves, for example, in half a liter of carrot juice (extracted at home with the electric juicer). Use two teaspoons of dry yeast powder, mix well with the juice and store in the refrigerator. Drink the whole amount of preparation in one day, in three halves.

Tablets can be found in pharmacies and natural stores, as yeast extracts are processed as tablets. As a rule, they are very effective in therapy, as they are obtained from selected yeast cultures so that they have a high concentration of selenium and vitamins in complex B. The prospectuses provide indications for administration.

External treatment removes skin diseases
External treatment with yeast is recommended for conditions of the mucous membranes such as stomatitis, mouth ulcers, genital or anal ulcerations and for skin diseases such as seborrhea, acne, alopecia, psoriasis, etc. In the case of external treatment, washing is done: a teaspoon of yeast dissolved in one liter of water.
For chronic cardiovascular disease, yeast regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood, brings normal blood pressure and promotes myocardial functioning. In the case of viral hepatitis A, B and C, German doctor A. Schrauzer has studied for a long time how the human body defends itself against infections with liver viruses. He noted that the body's resistance to coping with them increases significantly when brewing yeast. Responsible for this increased immunity appear to be some selenium-based compounds that aid the activity of immune system cells.

It works wonders against acne
In the case of acne, the internal treatment described above is performed. In addition, masks obtained from: two teaspoons of yeast, two tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of liquid honey. The mixture is homogenized and then spread on the skin, where it is left for 30 minutes, after which it is washed with warm water.
For paralysis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's are given a two-week treatment every month, consuming three to four teaspoons of yeast daily. It is a treatment with a strong rejuvenating action, with tonic effects on the whole nervous system. The same treatment applies in depression, as well as in psychiatric stress disorders.
In the case of psoriasis, scleroderma, dermatological conditions are treated for one month with yeast (four teaspoons a day), with one week off. Vitamin B complex, as well as yeast antioxidants, support the improvement of cellular metabolism in the skin.

Anemia, cured in 21 days
For those suffering from anemia and mineral uptake disorders (especially calcium and magnesium): a 21-day cure with yeast is made. It is a very rich remedy in minerals and vitamins, which in addition helps in their proper metabolism. It has been shown that yeast administration stimulates the body's production of figured blood elements, which opens new perspectives in treating coagulation disorders as well as other blood diseases.
In the case of colds, infectious diseases and immune deficiencies, three teaspoons of fresh yeast a day are administered for three weeks. Selenium, as well as the vitamins contained in this natural product, increase the body's resistance to any kind of infection.

The therapeutic actions of the "B's"

B1 – effective in combating digestive disorders, heart disorders, in treating depression, neuralgia and fatigue.
B2 – useful in combating eczema, skin aging.
B3 – involved in processes related to balancing the nervous system.
B5 – natural stimulant of the cortical suprarenal glands, an anti-stress remedy, increases the resistance to infections.
B7 – neutralizes cholesterol, thus being indicated in obesity; prevents hair loss.
B8 – useful for regulating the metabolism of proteins and fats.
B9 – has anti-anemic effect, helps maintain hormonal balance.
B12 – acts on the nervous system, increasing the concentration power, improving the headaches; helps maintain hormonal balance.
B15 – improves tissue oxygenation, is a wonderful remedy against aging, helps detoxify the liver.

How the yeast of beer helps you lose weight

A yeast cure lasts a minimum of 10 days and a maximum of 30 days, after which a week break is recommended. The yeast diet is based on a very simple principle: as when you use it to prepare dough, yeast increases its volume in the stomach, giving you a feeling of satiety quickly. This banal ingredient cuts your appetite and sweet snacks and helps you consume less calories due to the high chromium content.

Brewer's yeast stimulates metabolism and contributes to the rapid burning of fat due to vitamin B2 (riboflavin), which acts directly on the burning function.

How do you keep the yeast diet

Brewer's yeast can help you lose up to 5 kilos in two weeks.
You can consume it either fresh, dried or in the form of granules

Here's how to introduce yeast into your diet to enjoy its beneficial effects on health and silhouette:

– dissolve a teaspoon of dried yeast in a glass of water and drink this mixture in the morning, on an empty stomach. End the day with the same treatment – drink before drinking a glass of water in which you dissolved a teaspoon of yeast.

– If you find it difficult to consume yeast as such, it is easy to combine it with honey. Prepare a homogeneous mixture of two teaspoons of dried yeast with two teaspoons of honey and take it three times a day, half an hour before the main meals.

– Another tasty combination in which you can include yeast is Greek yogurt. Mix one teaspoon of yeast with 125 g Greek yogurt. According to studies, Greek yogurt intensifies the melting of fats and prevents the onset of digestive disorders, such as bloating and constipation. If this combination does not seem quite appetizing, add honey or small pieces of fruit.

– dissolve the yeast of beer in drinks, especially in teas or fruit juices. Between the main tables you can consume two cups of cranberry tea daily with a teaspoon of yeast.

Keep the following rules in mind if you want this diet to be effective:

– hydrate properly – drink at least two liters of water every day
– make a movement for the body to accelerate the process of fat burning.
– at breakfast eat high calorie foods that will provide you with energy and satiety throughout the day.
– administered after the meal, the yeast of beer increases the appetite and can cause bloating.
– Brewer's yeast is contraindicated in people suffering from severe kidney failure
– be careful to introduce into your diet many vegetables, salads, over which you can sprinkle dried yeast.
– forget about sweets, unhealthy snacks and keep almost carrots, peppers, cucumbers and celery with which you can catch your appetite.

* This article is informative and educational and cannot substitute for the specialized medical consultation. Thank you!


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