The cholesterol-lowering food and reduces the risk of stroke

The cholesterol-lowering food and reduces the risk of stroke

Artichoke is perhaps the most famous plant in the Mediterranean region, having a lot of curative properties. It seems that it can also contribute to lowering cholesterol and implicitly diminishes the risk of stroke. About the benefits of this herb with medicinal properties you can find out from the article we have prepared for you.

Having a high content of cinnamon, a strong potassium antioxidant, diuretic and anti-inflammatory agent in the body, artichoke is a natural elite remedy. Moreover, this explains why specialists indicate when a person has cholesterol problems, being recommended for reducing cholesterol, digestive problems, ensuring the detoxification of the body and the proper functioning of the liver.

Physicians note that high LDL cholesterol results in thickening and even blockage of the arteries, possibly causing a heart attack or stroke. In contrast, beneficial HDL cholesterol contains antioxidants, proteins and a low lipid level, having beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. The artichoke works in a complex way on the body, decreases LDL cholesterol and simultaneously stimulates HDL cholesterol due to its rich nutrient content and varied properties.

Benefits of artichoke consumption

Improving bile function – Bile dyskinesia or "lazy ball" is most often caused by the excessive consumption of high-fat or highly spicy foods, a high level of stress or lack of physical activity. The artichoke pulp has a high antioxidant content in the polyphenols family, which has the role of stimulating the ball's process.

Stabilization of glycemic level – artichoke provides about a quarter of the recommended daily dose of fiber that regulates the blood glucose index, normalizes metabolism and helps control appetite.

Reducing cholesterol levels – the high level of cyanine in the artichoke composition ensures low LDL cholesterol by stimulating fat removal and, moreover, helps maintain a steady value of beneficial cholesterol. Due to the intensive action of artichokes on fats in the body, this plant also determines good functioning of the cardiovascular system, which is in direct correlation with the level of fat in the blood.

With strong antioxidant action, artichoke is among the richest in antioxidants, ranking 7th in a series of over 1000 foods to detoxify the body. Thus, it provides protection against the harmful action of free radicals and fat deposits in blood vessels, prevents aging of cells, reduces the risk of obesity.

Prevention of high blood pressure – another important nutrient contained in artichoke is potassium, one of the minerals with vital benefits to the cardiovascular system and the optimal secretion of the bile.

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