The condiment that lowers cholesterol and controls your blood sugar

The condiment that lowers cholesterol and controls your blood sugar

The Sumak is known especially in Arabic cuisine as spice and less for its therapeutic qualities. Seasoning is obtained from the dried and ground fruits of the plant. This is very good in certain affections. Find out why it is good to eat sumac.

Specifically, studies show that sumac is a very good antioxidant. Moreover, it seems to have a higher antioxidant power than some fruit and vegetables. It prevents diseases such as diabetes, certain types of cancer and is good for cardiovascular disease.

Summit (Rhus coriaria) grows in Europe and the Middle East, not being so consumed or known. But those who adhere to the Mediterranean cuisine certainly use it very often.

Specialists say this is indicated for patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, obesity or prediabetes. Several studies claim that if given constantly for 3 months, the blood glucose and bad cholesterol levels may fall. Bonus: increases your cholesterol level. By adding this spice to the diet, overweight people will benefit, but not just these people.

The Sumac is an ideal spice that you can also use to prevent diseases, not just as a natural adjuvant.

The sumac contains gallic acid recognized for its effects in the fight with bacteria. For example, wash the fruits and vegetables in some water where you added the sumac powder. The bacteria will be destroyed.

This spice also has many substances with anti-inflammatory properties so it is good for cold, flu, bronchitis, skin inflammation. And if I tell you that the fever may drop, will you include it in your kitchen?

Last but not least, sumac facilitates digestion and can prevent the onset of gastroesophageal affections. In addition, it combats or relieves indigestion, intestinal transit disorders, abdominal cramps, gastroesophageal reflux.

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