The decalogue of health revealed by one of Romania's greatest neurosurgeons

The decalogue of health revealed by one of Romania's greatest neurosurgeons

Neurosurgeon Alexandru Ciurea has revealed the most important things you can do to live long and healthy.

There are some mandatory things, along with healthy eating and movement, according to

First "command": Whoever wakes up in the morning gets healthy. In peoples the peasant lies with the hens and gets up to sing the cock. Awakening must be in the morning, not at 10:00. If we wake up at 9:00 or 10:00, surely we're tired.

The second "command": Clean air, health for the brain

The second thing – we do not go directly to eat to open the refrigerator call. Let's go out, breathe fresh air! This air is not in the lungs, as everyone believes, but exactly in the brain. All the windows open to get out all the evil spirits.

The third "commandment": You move, so you exist

Once the windows are opened and the brain begins to work, we take the next step: we take a few steps. Why are we taking steps? Not that this is what the Government says, but that we are putting the circle, the heart, which immediately helps and goes, we have done motility. You're moving and exiting, said a Japanese.

The Fourth "Command": Good day is known after the morning shower

Afterwards, we return and there is this perfect hygiene and toilet of the body in which we throw away all the toxic elements in us because the movements we make in the morning in the shower are even the movements of yoga, but we do not know it anymore.

Fifth "command": Breakfast, taken in peace

After that, he eats. The table should be quiet without phones, without a whole series of bombs, without a stir around the table.

The sixth "commandment": Health from the cup

We have come to an essential element. Tea or coffee. It is good to generally drink a cup slowly, quietly, and as pleasure and digestion.

Seventh "commandment": Smile for better health

Another secret, the 7th: the smile. The best friend of man, especially of the brain, is not the computer, it is the smile. Change your psyche and your functional ability, and for those around you who are probably tense, relax everything!

Eighth "command": Light food, ideal for lunch

Lunch at lunch – the nervous cell does not want much food at noon. If we eat like the stalk, we make a big stomach and fall down and the blood goes to the belly, and there's nothing left here.

The new "commandment": Evening meal, as light as possible

Evening meal should be as easy as possible without loading with many meat and fat products and without over-requisition, that you are not only asking for the brain. Ask for the pancreas, ask for the digestive tract, ask for the heart, do not have to load indefinitely for the evening meal. Unfortunately, a very bad habit – alcohol loading in the evening, which does not lead to something good. Here comes a whole range of affections.

The tenth "commandment": The sweet sleep brings much

We have reached the most important point – sleep. The sleep we all play with. The world forgot: when do we have to sleep? With the hens. Why? It has been proven in a whole series of devices, electroencephalography, that the best sleep is between 10:00 and 12:00 in the evening. Turn off the TVs, turn off the phones, stop all these things and rest! What do you think is happening in our body? It's a brain cleansing. The upper part of the brain is asleep, the inner part is our vegetative life in which all the organs work and cleanse our brains on this occasion, the whole body is quiet and the next day we start from the end.

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