The disease that destroys the kidneys has no symptoms. How do you discover it before it gets worse?

The disease that destroys the kidneys has no symptoms. How do you discover it before it gets worse?

More than 1.4 million Romanians have chronic kidney disease. Unfortunately, this condition is not evident in most cases, which increases the risk of initiation of dialysis and death.

"Over 85% of cases of chronic kidney disease are without symptoms! In Romania there are over 1.4 million people with chronic kidney disease, but very few are diagnosed, although only two tests are required for the diagnosis: urine test, urine protein check and blood test, for measuring the level of serum creatinine, "said Prof. Dr. Gabriel Mircescu, president of the Romanian Society of Nephrology.

Moreover, according to him, only a small part of the patients (13%) are initially seen by nephrologists, most of them being registered by cardiologists and diabetologists.

People at high risk of chronic kidney disease are people with high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and those with first-degree relatives in dialysis / kidney transplantation.

According to the statistics, BCR is ignored until advanced. Thus, two out of three patients are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease when they reach less than 15% renal function. Therefore, prevention and intervention in chronic kidney disease are multidisciplinary, involving not only nephrologists, but also family physicians, specialists in diabetology – nutrition, cardiology and in internal medicine as well as psychologists.

The Romanian Society of Nephrology encourages the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle by reducing salt intake, weight control, quitting smoking and avoiding unnecessary (anti-inflammatory) drugs. Additionally, people at risk of chronic kidney disease should maintain control over blood pressure, proteinuria and blood glucose.

Protect your kidneys! Follow the 8 Golden Rules!

  • Keep your blood sugar and cholesterol levels within normal limits
  • Keep your blood pressure values ​​between 12/7 and 14/8
  • Eat a sufficient amount of water
  • Reduce salt consumption
  • Maintain a normal body weight
  • Remove Sedentarism! Adopt an active lifestyle
  • Adopt a balanced diet without processed foods
  • Do not smoke
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