The disease that grinds in silence and destroys man. From the first symptoms, you need to take FAST measures

The disease that grinds in silence and destroys man. From the first symptoms, you need to take FAST measures

In recent years, there have been several cases of depression, the silent disease, which grinds slowly. Before the depression reaches its climax, the body gives us some signs that if we listen to them, we can save our lives.

British specialists have drawn up a list of signs of this insinuating disease. The first on the list is the sadness and lack of lust for life. The man tends to lock himself in it. Then the anxiety, the nervousness, the sudden and fluctuating episodes, the fear of the future, the feeling of an indefinite fear, alienation and absence; refusal to integrate into society, lack of desire to socialize.

Also, the level of energy decreases, which during the day is fluctuating, the capacity of concentration is decreasing, with states of absence, confusion and indecision.

You may have insomnia, and lack of sleep will negatively affect your physical and mental state. An uneducated man will become irascible and morose.

Another sign of depression is guilt, the man is haunted by black thoughts and can no longer think positively. He becomes obsessed with certain ideas, doubts his abilities or begins to blame close people for his problems.

Depressive people often have exacerbated feelings of guilt and self-hatred. As the condition worsens, the feelings of failure follow, the feeling that you have compromised your image and destroyed your reputation, you begin to believe in your strength less and less.

Loss of hope is a deciding factor in amplifying depression. All these states lead to the idea of ​​suicide, the worst of them all. Studies tell us that about 60% of those affected by depression are haunted by the idea of ​​suicide.

It is essential that close persons observe the change of the depressive state and take immediate action, sometimes his intervention can save his life.

When the depression is at an onset, the affected person himself must fight, recover on the waterline, with sports or light physical activities, with music, dance, walks or pleasant companies. It is essential that this silent enemy does not come to dominate man.

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