The first oncology center for personalized therapy in the Eastern European Union

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The first oncology center for personalized therapy in the east of the European Union will be built in the next two years at the "Victor Babeş" Infectious Diseases Hospital in Timisoara, where both lung tumors and other metastatic organs will be treated.

"We want to develop a radiosurgery system, with sub-millimeter accuracy, dedicated mainly to lung patients, as well as those who have metastases in the brain or other organs. I say this, because around 70% of lung cancer patients reach us in the inoperable, very advanced stages, which require only palliative or quality of life therapy. We see that the frequency of this pathology is in an explosion in recent years and that is why we have decided to go to the branch of radiotherapy where we can bring more benefit to patients from all over the country, ”said, for AGERPRES, the medical director of The hospital "Victor Babes" Timişoara, dr. Cristian Oancea.

According to the pulmonologist, there are still radiotherapy centers in the country, but what will be in Timisoara will mark a premiere, because such technology is only in proximity to Vienna and Istanbul.

Dr. Crisatian Oancea stressed that at present there is no well-defined study on the incidence of lung cancer in Romania, but that it is a very high, even alarming one.

"This summer and last summer, because the summer is not too much pneumonia, being out of season, I and my colleagues see many cases of patients even very young, with lung cancer. We have no data on the number of lung cancers, but we hope to have them next year, to do a study. We are also scared of how much cancer we can see in recent years, sometimes more often than pneumonia. The main cause is smoking, but there are patients who have not benefited from this defect, but air pollution, from the soil can lead to this pathology ”, details Dr. Cristian Oancea.

He draws attention to the fact that the cancerous disease has genetic transmission, these "tumor links" are transmitted on the family line, and those who have had lung cancer in the family are very likely to develop lung cancer.

"Great attention should be paid to women with breast cancer or who are predisposed to developing breast cancer, because this breast cancer is rapidly metastasizing to the lung and is then a red zone in treatment, just as lung cancer is rapidly metastasizing to brain. The technology that we will use in our new center is very good in solid tumors, especially lung, brain or prostate, for example, because once the radiotherapy is done, the patient no longer needs surgery. He is saved from that surgery, "explains the medical director of" Victor Babes "Hospital.

According to him, in the future oncology center of personalized therapy will be targeted lung cancer, in its early stages, but will extend the activity and extra-pulmonary. Thus, if a patient with lung cancer has metastases in the brain, for example, he will go to that area.

"We adjust according to the needs of the pathology, to counteract it," promises Dr. Cristian Oancea.

The pulmonologist draws a new warning signal against smoking, because if the patient has relatives with cancer, it does not matter what form, but if he smokes, the risk of lung cancer increases several hundred times.

The feasibility study for designing the new oncology center for personalized therapy has already been won by a company from the country, in a maximum of six weeks it will be completed, after which the hospital will follow a collaboration between the local administration and the Ministry of Health, so that from 2020 it will start in 2020 execution, and in two years to be ready.

The specialists working in this center will be trained in the country and abroad.

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