The food that makes wonders for joints. So keep them healthy

The food that makes wonders for joints. So keep them healthy

With aging, musculoskeletal disorders are a real threat to a person's quality of life. Unfortunately, over the last few years, more and more young people face such health problems.

Doctors say the joints are very fragile, and the thinning of the cartilage leads in time to the installation of osteoarthritis, a disease that is manifested by swelling of the joints, which is accompanied by pain, and more so by the limitation of movements. Prevention is therefore very important. You have to take care of your joints since your youth, because once eroded the cartilage is regenerating quite hard. In addition, strong muscles will help keep your joints stable. It is known that if the muscles of the body are in good shape, the risk of injury is much lower.

Here are the risk factors that lead to weakening joints:

  • In other words, extra pounds are the main culprit. The more the weight exceeds the recommended limits, the greater the pressure on the joints.
  • Inappropriate body position. When, for example, in the office you are in the wrong position, or when you have the habit of going hump, the wrist, legs, but also the spine will suffer. It is also extremely important to take great care when lifting weights. Physicians say that they do not have to carry a heavy weight in one hand, but equally distribute the weight they carry in both hands.

Diet is essential for maintaining healthy joints. A correct diet should be based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products. But you can eat meat, eggs, nuts, but do not overuse. Stay away from saturated fat, salt and sugar. You can also eat almonds, black beans, broccoli, or ginger because they contain vitamins that help maintain joint health.

There are studies that claim that omega 3 fatty acids found in fish help reduce the symptoms associated with joint pain. At the same time, vitamin D also has an anti-inflammatory effect and protects your joints, which play an essential role in bone formation. Equally, a diet rich in vitamin C (paprika, parsley, strawberry, citrus) can help you have healthy joints, knowing Vitamin C plays an important role in the prevention of rheumatic diseases.

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