The Full Moon of January 10 reveals secrets and will shed light on relationships. The most affected signs

The Full Moon of January 10 reveals secrets and will shed light on relationships. The most affected signs

On January 10, the Full Moon will be held with the eclipse in the Cancer sign, which is also the North Node, one of the main pillars of the Axis of Destiny.
This eclipse can bring karmic events and meetings, and the major interest will be directed to family, national values, tradition, history, community, according to astrologer Oana Hanganu.

On the same day, Uranus will return to the Taurus directly by influencing the financial system, attitude towards money and other resources. Uranus is the planet of the revolution and we could attend, even from January, at the beginning of a revolution in everything that means the financial system.

This is how the full moon signs with the eclipse will be affected, according to astrologer Oana Hanganu.


The Full Moon from January 10 will take place in the Cancer sign and will influence the relationship of the natives with the family. The Full Moon is accompanied by an eclipse that can bring to light memories, family secrets, ignored problems that can now be put on the wallpaper and solved, for the benefit of all involved.
This Full Moon can also be the time when the natives buy a house or decide that it is good to start a family.


On January 10th, the planet Uranus will return to its direct journey even in their zodiac sign and will help them make the necessary decisions faster, adapt to us when necessary and even see the world and life from a different perspective.

But also on January 10, there will be a lunar eclipse that will accompany the Full Moon from the Cancer sign. For Tauri, this eclipse can come with confidential information that will surely help them in the near future not only in business, but also in personal life.
Or on the occasion of a trip, Taurii can meet a person who, in the near future, will become their protector or mentor.


The Full Moon and the January 10 eclipse will "shine light" on relationships, for many Gemini natives and they may not accept the same state of affairs until now, and some will even decide that it is better to break up. to partner.

The Full Moon on January 10th will take place in the Cancer sign and in the Money house in the Gemini astrogram, but the respective sector in the astrogram also refers to the way we evaluate ourselves, to the way we let others treat us.
And many Gemini may now say: "I deserve more" or "I deserve something better", referring to relationships.
Other natives will feel they deserve something better in their professional relationship and will demand more money. However, the Full Moon will change many people's lives for the better.


For Raci, the Full Moon on January 10th can be a karmic event.
Those who have understood their mistakes and learned their life lessons can look forward to the future. But there will be some Raci who just now, around this eclipse, will understand where they went wrong and that they must do something concrete to change their destiny.


The Full Moon of January 10th will be a time of "recovery" for some Lei, who will give up their tendency to always be in the center of attention, often playing the role of a happy man, with a perfect life.
The January 10 eclipse could be an event with a strong spiritual charge, in which the Lions will realize that their personal success is worthless if it is not accompanied by generosity, empathy and understanding towards others.
Some natives will now understand that it is good to forgive and reconcile with the past, and the future will then be full of beautiful surprises.

Surprises also announce Uranus, the planet of Changes, which will return to the direct walk in the Taurus sign and in the Career sector in the astrology of the Lions, also on January 10th.


Around January 10, many Virgo natives will make new friends among their colleagues or business partners or manage to solve various problems with their friends.

But the Full Moon will also be accompanied by an eclipse and, around this date, a friend may leave the Virgin's life (for example, move to another country or another locality) and the separation will be quite painful. for them.

Also on January 10, Uranus, the planet of the Surprises, will return to the direct march in the Taurus sign and around this date, an old friend, from abroad and from abroad, may reappear in the native's house. But Uranus in Taurus can mean, for Virgins, unexpected opportunities to travel abroad.


The Full Moon will be accompanied by the eclipse and will influence the Career house in the Balance Astrogram. It will be a very important moment for the natives who want to change their field of activity or who want to start a business on their own, but so far, they have hesitated or postponed everything.

Also on January 10, Uranus will return to the Taurus sign and the "Money House" of others in the Balance Astrogram and will facilitate them obtaining credits or other forms of deposit.


Around this date, many Scorpions will go abroad, others will consider moving to another country, and others will start a business with someone from abroad.

For other natives, the Full Moon on January 10 will bring to light important information that will help the natives win a trial or solve various problems related to acts or the relationship with official institutions.


Then there will be the Full Moon in Cancer sign, a phenomenon that will affect the eighth house in the Sagittarius astrogram.
This also refers to the money that the natives can obtain with the help of others, to the income of the life partner, but also to events or situations that produce major changes in the life of a man.

On the same day, Uranus will return to direct walking, bringing surprise news about the professional life of the natives.


The Full Moon on January 10th will be an extraordinary moment of "balance" and fulfillment for many couples. For others, it will be a time to analyze and establish new limits or rules.
Capricorns always know exactly what they want from their partner. Now I can get that.
For Capricorns alone, the Full Moon of January 10 could be a time to analyze and raise awareness of past mistakes or to sketch what their ideal partner means to them.


On January 10, in the sign Cancer will take place the full moon phenomenon, which will influence the profession and health sector of Aquarius astrogram.
The Full Moon on January 10th may be a time of success and fulfillment for many Aquariums, but the eclipse can bring to light and information about colleagues who play the role of friends but "sabotage" the natives.

Also, the horoscope of the month recommends Aquarius that especially around January 10, not to talk too much about their projects and at work, not to talk at all about bosses, with their colleagues!

On the same day, January 10, Uranus will return to the Taurus sign and, for Aquarius, will bring surprises and changes in the family.


The Full Moon will take place in the Cancer sign and in the House of Love in the Pisces astrogram, so it will be a significant moment for the couple's life or, as the case may be, for finding the soul mate.

The Full Moon of January 10th can bring good news for Pisces who want to become parents because, in astrology, the Love sector also refers to children.
Also, around January 10, Pisces who capitalize on their personal talent or creativity or turn a hobby into a business will be highly successful including financially.


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