The healing power of prayer. Which is the strongest

The healing power of prayer. Which is the strongest

Prayer is a practice that has been around for thousands of years and represents a great power in the life of one who knows how to speak it. Because prayer works wonders. It lifts our vibration and leaves no room for time for thoughts of low vibration, such as hatred, envy, revenge.

Prayer is a form of meditation that acts on our energy profile, making us better.

Clay Routledge, a doctor of psychology from State University of North Dakota, United States, has analyzed the results of several studies that demonstrate the beneficial effects of prayer.

“Religion is complicated. It can be both good and bad for a person's health, depending on several variables. However, science has repeatedly proven that prayer has positive effects on individuals and society, "noted the psychologist.

Routledge recalls another study in which subjects were subjected to an unpleasant experience to increase their aggressiveness. For example, those who were asked to pray for a person who angered them were less aggressive in reaction than those who were asked to think about the person who pulled them out of the jump. Researchers have shown that prayer reduces aggressive states, making people calmer and more restrained on their own emotions.

When people pray for the couple's partner, a friend or a relative, they become more forgiving of the people who have wronged them.

Researchers have found that people who pray for others are less vulnerable when it comes to the effects of stress, usually associated with financial problems. Interestingly, prayer proved effective in reducing stress only when it was not centered on one's own, but on the good of another individual. Prayer centered on the desire to gain material gain for one's own sake has not resulted in a decrease in stress level, which has led to the conclusion that in order to obtain personal benefits from prayer, the individual must turn his or her mind toward the happiness and well-being of others. .

One of the most important prayers of Christianity is "Our Father". This makes miracles visible. Feel the change as soon as you finish the last verse.

In the case of people praying together, as a couple or with a close friend, the feeling of trust becomes stronger, as does the connection between them. This finding is very important especially for couples who can use prayer as a method of therapy.


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