The house we live in can BEAUTIFUL! The most important issues when choosing our home

The house we live in can BEAUTIFUL! The most important issues when choosing our home

Why consider when building or buying a house in Feng Shui?

From the point of view of Feng Shui, the assessment of a homeţit is done first from the outside to the inside, because the outer shapes can negatively or positively affect the inhabitants.

Depending on the environment, Feng Shui consultant will suggest some recommendations when we build or buy a house.

Next, the house's internal evaluation is performed to see if there are corners, beams, mirrors or artesian fountains. The first step is to determine the facade of the building with the Chinese compass Luo Pan to determine the cardinal direction.

"Measurements always start from the outside of the house, as we can see if there are buildings and streets, pillars, high voltage poles, sharp corners, etc. around the location. For a home to benefit from a positive Qi, the presence of "mountain and water" is essential. In translation, the "mountain" governs relationships and health while "water" governs wealth. Outside forms are mountains, hills, water, but in a city, these are buildings and streets. Buildings in flat areas are not indicated without roads, hills, and waters because in such situations the Qi can not accumulate. In Feng Shui, a home will have stability and a good Qi if it gets support from the front, back, left and right of the building, "explains the Feng Shui expert, Georgiana Vassuian.

How to choose the house for a fair Feng Shui?

At the same time, Feng Shui specialist Georgiana Văsuian believes that the form of the land on which we build a house has a major impact on the tenants, because it can give us important clues about the flow of qi and therefore how the tenants will be influenced. The square-shaped plot suggests stability and is the ideal form on which any dwelling can be built. The rectangular field is again a good choice for building the house, the qi finds its balance as long as the ground is not very tight. The triangular terrain is not a favorable ground, because the Qi becomes unbalanced and some family members will be affected. Land and L-shaped dwellings are not recommended, because the Qi will also be unbalanced, so unfavorable.

Other things to avoid when buying or building a home

A house or building built in a T-shaped intersection can have negative effects, especially if traffic is very intense. But if the traffic is very low, the tenants will not be affected. To diminish the negative effects, high shrubs can be planted that block the qi's access to the house.

"Very straight roads are called poison arrows. This is also a negative effect when the road is facing the main entrance of the house. It is a negative formation and to block qi, shrubs or hedges are used. Another negative formation are houses built in the cemetery area. Very tall pillars and pillars are one of the most negative formations in Feng Shui. The negative effect is greatest when facing the main entrance. Y-shaped intersections are much more dangerous than T-shaped. Effects on residents are: adultery, relationship problems, scandals, sexually transmitted diseases etc. ", says Feng Shui expert, Georgiana Vassuian.

Feng Shui tips when building or buying a house

People choose to live according to Feng Shui principles for a few reasons. We all want a happy life, with luck and well-being. Some call Feng Shui because they want to be supported in more pragmatic goals, such as career and money. On the other hand, there are people who choose to guide their lives after Feng Shui because they want better health, and this lifestyle is favorable for mental and physical well-being.

"Most people who appeal to my services do it for harmony in their relationship. They want good relationships with husband and wife, trust and respect. Usually, if the family is healthy, happy and fulfilled, they are supported by a good feng shui. Also almost as many resort to Feng Shui techniques to get the potential. Often we have a talent that we feel indoors but which we may never discover for various reasons. Choosing the right property with a positive Feng Shui gives us the opportunity to meet the right people, the right mentors who will help us directly or indirectly to become a better version of ours, "concludes Georgiana Vassuian, Feng Shui consultant.

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